How do I create a beautiful garden basket ?

I would like to create two or three baskets under each window however, I'm not sure what's the best way to go about it? I can't dig the area because it's like clay, rocks and mud. I was thinking of making step boxes to give height and then have either ivy hanging off the sides or having only Petunias.
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  • Patricia Patricia on May 24, 2017
    Have you considered a metal free-standing frame? I bought some from Home Depot and use it for hanging flower pots on my deck.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on May 24, 2017
    Make the baskets and raise them up with plant stands.
  • Olivia Morris Olivia Morris on May 24, 2017
    Make the baskets and before you plant anything inside open up a disposable diaper to line the baskets. Use good potting soil in the baskets and then plant a bunch of annuals to your hearts content. Lifting the baskets up from the ground will make them much more visible. You can use an old bench and upturned pail (painted or covered to make it look nice) anything that will give it height. The diaper will help with watering. Baskets will dry out and depending on where you are gardening, they might need watering once or twice a day.
  • Eloise Eloise on May 24, 2017
    The Garden Geeks have container "recipes" for both sun and shade and identify the plants they've used for each one. Good place to start:
  • Nali Si Nali Si on May 24, 2017
    Thank you all for all your wonderful ideas.