How do I get rid of weeds without harming my feral cats!

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  • Shoshana Shoshana on May 25, 2017
    You can spotkill them with a mixture of vinegar and dishsoap!
  • Eclipsebigdog Eclipsebigdog on May 25, 2017
    Most herbicides are plant hormone not poison a not harm cats.
    Vinegar is a natural product, usually derived from grain, apples or grapes. It is distilled through a fermentation process. The vinegar you buy is typically labeled at 5% acidity. This means it contains 5% acetic acid, the active ingredient.

    Acetic acid is what makes vinegar a weed killer. Actually, it makes vinegar a plant killer. Acetic acid, from any source, will kill most vegetation because it draws all the moisture out of the leaf.

    It is fast. Spraying full strength vinegar on a plant in full sun will often result in a withered, brown plant in only a few hours, for sensitive weeds, or by the next day in tougher plants.

    It is non-selective, meaning it might kill everything it touches. This limits the usefulness of a vinegar weed killer, to the extent that you are able to control over-spray that would get on desirable plants.oison and should not harm your cat

  • Cleaning vinegar is typically 6% acidity and agricultural vinegar 10% - 20% acidity. Generally the inexpensive white vinegar 5% will be enough to kill anything you need to get rid of.

    Also used as flea control too.