30 Ways For You To Style Your Garden

Upgrade the look of your garden with these nifty ideas!

By Hometalk Highlights

Raise Garden Beds With Pine Wood

Cut wood into 4/8 lengths and screw together.

Transition Your Garden Into Trash Cans

Put your greenery in galvanized trash cans and mark with wooden spoons.

Organize With A Four Square Garden

Compress and organize your garden with a four square system.

Arrange A Garden Special For Bees With Flower

Plant specific flowers that attract bees and install a bird bath for them to rest.

Transform Your Garden Into A Pineapple

Take Sculpey clay and sculpt into an oval and cut out the insides.

Put Your Garden In A Jar

Place a glass jar onto dowels and glue with E6000.

Use Pallets To Hold Your Flowers

Cut pallet wood to desired size and drill together.

Decorate Your Garden With Gnomes and Fairies

Place brightly colored gnomes or fairies, and include plaques of flowers.

Thrift A Wire Teacup To Hang In A Trees

Take a copper teacup from Goodwill, rough up with sandpaper, and fill with flowers.

Decorate With Barrel Bars And Twine

Tie at the end of the rims with twine and weave in between the bars.

Transform A Garden Into A Succulent Paradise

Opt for a succulent only garden and paint containers with stone spray paint.

Build A Vertical Pallet Garden

Cut 1 x 4’s into measured shelves for the herbs and add vinyl letters.

Use Straw Bales For A Rustic Looking Garden

Position hay bales in a pattern you wish to start planting your garden in.

Add A Wooden Bridge To Your Nursery

Attach the corner posts for a base for the bridge and put on the slats.

Make Shimmer With Crystals On Greenery

Put large eye crystals on fishing wire and place in a dowel.

Create The Eiffel Tower In Your Garden

Take a trellis, decorate with lace, and add a plaque.

Place Plants In Plastic Bottles

Whether in a pyramid style or regular vertical, place plants in cut plastic.

Craft A Pallet With Soil For Plants

Cut down to four planks, distress the paint, and coat each pallet with potting soil.

Bead Crystal Butterflies For Flowers

Using 19 gauge wire string on crystals and make the body out of acrylic beads.

Bedazzle Globes As Garden Centerpieces

Take a lightning globe and use Loctite to adhere flat marbles.

Add A Castle For Garden Fairies

Use large and medium sized plastic cups and fill with Mortar Mix.

Transform Your Garden Into A Place Of Prayer

Install sections of lattice fence and add old doors.

Upcycle Glass Into Tree Hangers

Drill through the center of the glass bowl and stick it to another bowl with hot glue.

Repurpose Your Pennies For A Globe

Adhere pennies with hot glue onto a bowling ball.

Construct A Greenhouse For Warming Plants

Stack 2 recycled garden beds and add cardboard before spreading soil.

Transition A Toy Horse To A Garden Statue

Remove any stains, coat the tail and maine in Plaster of Paris, then spray paint.

Construct A Pretty Garden Swing

Join pallets together, paint, and place the polystyrene beads into wire.

Build A Rock Garden

Dig down half way into soil and layer rocks up as high as desired.

Line Your Garden Space With Beer Bottles

Embed bricks edgewise and insert Michelobe bottles against the cement.