I have an 8 ft double pedestal table...I need suggestions

The pine table does not go with my newly stained mahogany cabinets. The base is currently darker than the top. I thought of doing a gray weathered look on the bottom and perhaps bleaching the pine, but I'm not sure. I hope to someday replace these heavy wood chairs with something lighter, perhaps a fully upholstered chair . Looking for ideas and suggestions.
q i have an 8 ft double pedestal table
q i have an 8 ft double pedestal table
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  • Mia8749530 Mia8749530 on May 25, 2017
    i would do table, base and chairs in same color. Might go lighter since cabinets are so dark. Try chalk paint in a soft gray color. Easier than staining, would brighten up that area.
    i would also put a chair at each end. And get a table runner in colors to coordinate with other decor. Also for such a big table, think I would put a bigger centerpiece. Maybe a basket or bowl, filled with fruit, or vine balls. Or even a good sized candle holder with a chunky candle.
    I think painting would be the best option, and the least hassle. If you were to match you mahogany the rooms would be way to dark and gloomy. Bleaching would be an option, but might not be a great contrast to the mahogany. I think going with a light paint in one of your accent colours is the way to go. Good luck with your table, I'm sure which ever option you chose will turn out great!
  • Belynda Belynda on May 25, 2017
    I have a 7ft table that was similar in color and I painted it white and distressed it! I have a bench that I've painted for one side and use chairs on one side. I also have chairs at each end. I haven't regretted it once! Good luck!
  • Sonia Sonia on May 25, 2017
    Also get some fabric you like that is dark and do the seat of the chairs it's easy and changes the look a lot!
  • Charly Charly on May 25, 2017
    I always ask this question. When you take a walk through a forest, are all the trees the same? No! You find oak and maple and cherry and pine trees! I love mixing the different woods in a room.
    • Joanie Joanie on May 25, 2017
      Thank You Papoose!!!! A combination of woods thru out shows character of each piece. I'm a stain lover and I like some of the chalk paint items, but to redo everything to match just because it is trendy, is sad. Someday SOMETHING else will be trendy. I follow my heart, what I like, NOT what the style is!!
  • A A on May 25, 2017
    Try a dark gray on the base and something weathered on the top and chairs. Your chairs won't appear as heavy with a lighter, weathered finish. Recover the cushions with a fabric that has simple, clean lines.
  • Fio15130994 Fio15130994 on May 25, 2017
    I wud use rustolium furniture paint. Comes in various colours and so easy to use. No primer required. Fabby result
  • Cwh6899259 Cwh6899259 on May 25, 2017
    Looks like the top was refinished at some point. I would sand it (the top) back and darken it just a tad. Or sand out the base and match the top.
  • Lilly Lilly on May 26, 2017
    Thank you everybody. Going to my local Home Depot or Lowes to pick up some paint. Decided to do a chalk paint on base and chairs, will sand the top and do a weathered grey finish. The house is on a lake with the window in the front overlooking the lake and trees.
  • Sharon Sharon on May 27, 2017
    Sorry don't agree with the others....I think would be a shame to take such an elegant table and paint it. I would do in ebony and 2 tones of mahogany to accent the features of the table. As to the chairs, since you like the fully upholstered ones, why not make a cover to go over the backs to match the seats. Do something fun if its at the lake.....like a plaid.
    • Lilly Lilly on Jun 02, 2017
      I've been looking at cabin/lake house upholstery fabric but plaid is brilliant! Thank you.