How can I make Hard water drinkable?

I have hard water in the apartment I rent. How can I make it drinkable without spending a lot of money?
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  • Sonia Sonia on May 25, 2017
    Hi I understand your issues! There's two ways that are cheap and easy. One you can simply boil the water and Kool-Aid in the normal plastic pitcher it removes the hardness in the smells in the tastes. Secondly, They sell for under $10 water pictures that have a charcoal filter in them. I just simply fill it with tap water and let it filter through it removes the hardness and the taste and smells.

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  • Judy Ferrell Judy Ferrell on May 25, 2017
    you could also put a filter on the faucet. it is a little more expensive but it will keep the smell and taste out of food.
  • Elizabeth Dion Elizabeth Dion on May 25, 2017
    I added a Pur Water Filter directly on my faucet to soften the water and filter out bad chemicals. They cost around $40 and one filter cartridge generally lasts around 3 months. Hope this helps!