10 Decorative Way To Transform Your Frames:

Put those unused frames to use with these pretty ideas!

By Hometalk Highlights

Create An Organizer From Frames

Cut and mark fabric, then put in frame.

Build A Lantern From Your Frames

Spray paint with Rustoleum and hot glue edges together.

Make A Serving Tray With Your Frames

Cover glass in modge podge and lay with lace fabric.

Plant A Terrarium Inside Your Frame

Use E6000 to glue frames together, then place tape to hold till dry.

Transform Your Frames Into Hanging Art

Take golden picture frame, attach golden chain, and insert leaves.

Recycle Your Frame Into A Makeup Holder

Organize makeup by paint frame with magnet primer and putting magnets onto back of makeup.

Break Your Frame Into A Fairy Door

Snap frame in half and glue colored popsicle sticks underneath.

Change Your Frame Into A Botanical Butterfly

Adhere butterfly clings and glaze the frame.

Stack Your Frames High Into A Tray

Paint frames, cut wood to fit into frame, and pile on each other.

Craft A Centerpiece With Frames

Repaint an old frame, and attach a board onto the back.