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Garage has two 8' long fluorescent lighting fixtures. one side works great, the other side gets dull FAST.... I keep replacing bulbs and almost bought 2 new fixtures last night. (Man in LOWES told me 4' with covers are better then the 8' without.) While talking with him, I see these "Fluorescent Starters" for $1.98
1) Could the fixture simply need these "Fluorescent Starters" to make the light fixture work right?
2) Is 4 Bulbs EACH side necessary? or would the 2 Bulbs fixtures work sufficiently?
q fluorescent starters fluorescent lighting, lighting, Is a starter an easy fix and if so to replace out the old one is this a main cause of bulbs not brightening up
Is a starter an easy fix? and if so, to replace out the old one? is this a main cause of bulbs not brightening up?
q fluorescent starters fluorescent lighting, lighting, will 2 bulb fixtiure be sufficient LOWES man said it would then changed his mind
will 2 bulb fixtiure be sufficient? LOWES man said it would, then changed his mind.
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  • Hi Jim, for starters i believe your problem with your current florescent lighting is a bad ballast. They will start to act up as you are describing above when they are sarting to go. For the cost to replace the ballast i would recommend you simply get new fixtures as you have shown above. As for the light being sufficient that is your preference. If it is in a work area i recommend the 4 bulb. They are very energy efficient and will last a long time, so you will be getting your value for the dollar with florescent. Good Luck

    • JimG JimG on Jan 15, 2014
      @Scott Binsack "Gettin er Done at Home" Thanks for the reply Scott. I don't use the garage for a work area. lights only on when going in the garage at night to dump garbage, or recycables, maybe go into car. but all for about a minute.

  • In that case Jim just get the double bulb fixture. Do not waste the money if you do not need the addition light. Good Luck

  • Louis Lieberman Louis Lieberman on Jan 17, 2014
    my suggestion is to replace the transformer - starters are exactjy what the name implies-only for starting -u can remove it once the bulb is lit & it won't affect the bulb.another thing to check-are the fictures in a parallel circuit or series? good luck!

  • Mon284787 Mon284787 on Jan 17, 2014
    Starters won't help you here, this is a ballast issue. First things first, if you have T12s (you probably do), ditch them and replace your ballast with one made for T8s. T12s will not be manufactured anymore and you'll have to retrofit later. Instead of doing it twice, do it once now. Price the cost of the new ballast (and possibly new lampholders, they tend to break at the worst possible time) against a new fixture and decide for yourself. Get a decent electronic ballast with a brand name, this is definitely a case of you get what you pay for. Electronic ballasts are more efficient and will save you money and they don't buzz like mechanical ones.

  • Denise Denise on Aug 26, 2015
    Take them out, update with LED lighting. Better lighting, lower cost.