How to fix bare c spots on my lawn

I have 2 dogs and some bare spots that I tried seeding and the grass does not grow. Ez seed says it grows anywhere but not here
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on May 26, 2017
    Ez seed is mostly a annual grass. Rake out the bare spots,add topsoil,lime grass seed and starter fertilizer,and top with peat mass.Make sure the seed is moist until it germinates.
  • Deborah Wright Deborah Wright on May 26, 2017
    I believe you have one of two options. Either take off the dead layer of grass, put down some fresh top soil/sod or make a small flower garden in that spot.

  • Ken Ken on May 26, 2017
    Had same problem. You need to dig out soul and put down new top soil. You can seed or did then but must secure area as your dogs will keep going back to that spot. I laid down fence that I had, dogs did not like walking on it. Then fencing was from roll of green 4' high fence I had on hand that I use to put around raise beds to keep rabbits out. It works and does not hurt dogs