Question about Farmhouse table reno

My farmhouse reno of an old 80's table looks great especially the tabletop. However the legs that I did white with antiqued areas had so issues. First I used a layer of dark brown chalk paint over the 80's oak and then in some areas I used the school glue trick and crackled the white paint going over it, and in some areas I used a tiny bit of Vaseline to cause the white to peel. In other areas I sanded the white paint afterwards. In the areas with the glue and crackling white paint, when I used the finishing wax(American Décor) the brown paint underneath somehow changed and there is a bluish haze coming out over the white paint. It doesn't look that terrible, could be part of the antiquinq look in fact, but it was unexpected and didn't happen where I used the Vaseline or just sanding to antique the white paint. Anybody know why this happened? Or since I figure it must have something to do with the wax, for the chairs I am gonna switch to a matte finish varathane for a finishing coat, will it happen with that too?
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