What items & issues must be considered when designing a covered patio?


q what items or issues must be considered when designing a covered patio
q what items or issues must be considered when designing a covered patio
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  • Gina Gina on May 28, 2017
    There are many options depending on what you want. Putting beam across where you want to have the ceiling is a start. Think of a pergola roof. Corregated plastic panel installed on the top the top lets in light and you can hang planters from the roof. You can also put linoleum up there with the pattern side facing downward, but then it will be a lot darker. Check out this site https://www.mosquitocurtains.com I bought screen and plastic curtains from them.
  • Marcie Marcie on May 28, 2017
    Drainage (as your backyard has a slope to it) would be the biggest issue I see right off the bat. I would also think through what you want to do about that big tree. It looks healthy, so cutting it down would be a last resort, but think through how you want to incorporate it into your design. Do you want it next to your house, or a bit more in the yard? What kind of access do you want to have
    (one point of access or more?) And materials is key to the look of your design.
  • James James on May 28, 2017
    Wherever you choose to build the patio, make sure you allow for the drainage of water and melting snow. I am in Oregon. I built a large deck and added a cover over the deck.. It looked great. Then the first winter we got an unexpected heavy snow and I thought it was going to cave in. I had some 2x4's which I put under the beams to hold it. That spring I installed another beam and it is now holding but I never put enough angle on the cover and it takes longer for the rain water to run off. Live and learn.
  • Judy Judy on May 28, 2017
    Be sure you get a GOOD CONTRACTOR, and be sure to have a good slant on this too. Check his record on BBB, to be sure he is good., not just him saying so. The covering, to the corners, but be covered, to avoid water standing. Be sure you have the measurements that you desire, for this project, and a good foundation, so that it will have GREAT DRAINAGE. Check all the banisters, to be sure these are finished correctly, and are in line with the supports. Their should also be good supports under the porch, for the floor to be supported properly. If the contractor fails to do this, report him to the BBB. Do NOT pay him all the finished price, until this is done PROPERLY!!!. If you are pleased, then you can always refer him to your friends. IF NOT - tell your other friends, about his terrible work, and always remember, "A unhappy customer is the worst customer to have, for this person, can really tell others of his work, therefore, a GREATLY pleased customer, can really build up a person's business." Always remember this, ok? Best wishes, I hope this really helps you, Judy.

  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on May 29, 2017
    Definitely be careful to think about drainage
  • Jan Clark Jan Clark on May 30, 2017
    You asked for items and issues regarding design. Here are some basics. Your weather. Drainage. Enclosed, screened or open? Type of ceiling. Do you want or need electricity in the ceiling for lights and/or a fan? What square footage are you thinking -- small or large enough for a party? And how do you plan to use the new space? Do you want to leave an open area for a grill? If you have pets, how do you want to handle that? What materials do you like? Wood? Brick? Concrete? Tile? And the most important item, even before you do checks on your contractors -- what's the budget? Good luck!
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