How do I address a basement that floods after a hard soaking rain?

I bought a "Flipped" Craftman's style house (built in 1940). Fully restored From my understanding it was flipped from the inside out, so the original foundation and bricks are from 1940. 1.) I put in a gutter drain system. 2.) I hired a Civil Engineer who drew up a plan for an elaborate drainage system. I hired landscape a crew, who met with city engineers and this crew put in a more elaborate drainage system under my back yard. the city advised that my home was sitting on a "bowl of sorts" and once the natural waterline goes past a certain point it will overspill and create my flood problem. 3.) I applied for and received a new sewage line from the Sewage Replacement Line Program offered by the city. Now I have raw sewage backing up in the house so we took the cap off the sewage line so now we have sewage spilling over in the back yard and rain/water-table water still flooding the basement when it heavily rains. 4.) I live next to a park that was once a LAKE!!! HELP!!! SOS!!! 911!!! Thank you, Rhonda J./Little Rock, AR
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