10 Fun Space Saving Hacks To Keep You Clutter Free

These hacks will declutter your home in no time!

By Hometalk Highlights

Drink A Can Of Soda, And Save The Tabs

Simply put a soda can tab onto the neck of a hanger, and insert another hanger into that tab for a less cluttered closet.

Use A Command Hook To Wrangle In Pot Lids

Go to the Dollar store, purchase command hooks, and allow it to hold lids on a cabinet door.

Hang Your Cleaning Tools In A Closet

Attach clear plastic shower curtain rings onto a hanger, and place on your tools.

Put Together A Peg Board For The Kitchenware

Drill several holes into your peg board and apply wall anchors.

Arrange Kitchenware On A Curtain Rod

Declutter by sliding mugs and cups on a kitchen rod hung by s hooks.

Repurpose Wooden Crates For Storage

Use wood stain on the crates, coat in Danish Oil, and attach with wood glue.

Take A Picture To Help Organization Last Long

Take a picture of the shoes you put in a plastic storage container and put it on the bin.

Drink The Wine, And Reuse The Crates

Attach plastic casters onto the bottom of the crates and 2 drawer pull handles.

Switch That Diaper Box Into Pretty Storage

Add decorative fabric onto the box, and adhere with spray adhesive.