Arranging Furniture in Big Family Room?

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Any suggestions for how to use this space effectively? It's an addition to a 1977 ranch home. So picture the typical ranch layout - long and narrow, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, dining/living room combo, and then this HUGE box attached to the back of the house. The window on the right leads out to the patio/deck area. No other windows. Photo is taken from the doorway leading into the living/dining area. I'm guessing the original owners put some kind of enormous sectional and TV in here, but we're more bookcase and kids' toys people. I'd love any and all suggestions!!
q arranging furniture in big family room
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  • Petal Cabral Petal Cabral on Jun 01, 2017
    Wow, that is a great space you have there. Depending on how old your kids are and their interest you could turn it into a little kids gym/ theatre. You could do a little stage at one corner or if you they are into Gymnastics or dance you could make it into a little dance/gymnastic studio. Where they can burn their energy. I posted pics. I found on Pinterest for ideas. I hope it helps you.
    It can also be a home theatre if you put black out drapes on the door going out to the deck. The walls are great for a projection screen.
    The possibilities are endless with a room like this. So much space to work with.
  • Tim Stachecki Tim Stachecki on Jun 01, 2017
    A common mistake in decorating large spaces like this is to use the same principles we use in small spaces. In small spaces, furniture usually is pushed against the wall to use every square inch. In large rooms, we do the opposite. You are now blessed with the space to create function oriented areas. The room is large enough to have a lounge area for the grown-ups, and a play area for the kids. Do this by pulling pieces of furniture to the middle of the room, Couch and love seat facing each other in the center of the room creates a conversational grouping. Shelves for kids toys can be used like a library book shelf. Attach one end to the wall and allow it to jut into the room. A second set of shelves can make an aisle of shelving, or even a small play area with a separation that can keep the space uncluttered. Low profile sofas and love seats can be given dual function with wheels or sliders so a big screen tv can have comfy seats for a home theater, then moved back once movie night is done and a more peaceful less media oriented room can return to center stage.
  • Lyn Buerger Lyn Buerger on Jun 01, 2017
    Lovely space. Decide what you want to use this area for. Get some graph paper and cut out small pieces of card stock to simulate the sizes of potential furniture items. Play around with different displays using the paper and cutouts. Remember to watch clearance between items. Make sure there are proper the kitchen, to the hall way, to the bathroom, etc. No furniture that would obstruct the flow. When you find something that looks good give it a go and try it out. This system has always worked for me.
  • Loretta Loretta on Jun 02, 2017
    Wow! I agree with the already mentioned ideas, but I like the idea Tim mentioned most about having an adult type conversation/entertainment area set up in maybe half and the other half for the kids . Depends on how old your kids are and what the interests are, but I like the idea of some kind of library shelving to help separate the areas too. I think having some of the furniture in wheels like ottomans, etc is a good idea for using them for movie night as well. What an excellent room for your fami,y, such a bonus. Depending on the needs and uses and if you are a crafter, you could also have a corner for yourself with a nice size table and a little storage for crafting ideas. You could use this room for so many things at the same time! I am jealous, but excited to see what you do with it. If you do set up part for movie night you could do the fun stuff of having a little snack bar as well, with a popcorn popper and baskets of snacks, a mini fridge for sodas and ice, etc. Using a piece of furniture you have upcycled yourself like a rolling bar for this (like the metal tables with wheels and several shelves) would be pretty wonderful too, I think. I would say do one end for the kids area and about the middle part of the rroom arrange the furniture in the middle of the room, some facing the far end of the room not used yet, which is where the tv screen will be. In one corner of the tv screen wall you can have the rolling can't with snacks and the mini fridge and a cute upcycled table for popcorn, microwave, etc. the other corner of the tv wall and the wall leading back to the kids area can have your crafting area. Or you could just decorate it as a living room/movie area. A sofa table on that wall with some ottomans under it for more seating on movie night. Pretty mirror or artwork and lighting above it.
    If it was me that is what I would do anyway. Really hope you remember to come back and show us what you did, so many people don't:(
  • Becky Brown Becky Brown on Jun 02, 2017
    Thanks for the comments so far! still thinking and it will be a while before the room is dome, but I'll post pics when it is :)
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