Is there a plant I can put in my garden area to keep cats out?

My two cats stroll thru my garden are breaking tender shoots on veggies. Sometimes laying on the new growth.
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  • Rozmund Rozmund on Jun 03, 2017
    I also have an outdoor cat who believes he can garden with me dig holes etc.
  • Rozmund Rozmund on Jun 03, 2017
    Once the planting is done, my cat upends plants of his choice...I don't know why, I think he thinks he is helping...I have started to make sure I leave nothing around the garden patch with my scent..gloves, tools, towels, shirt...etc..Then I started to save my orange, lemon and lime peels...and distribute them in the garden..Cats do not like any citrus garden has straw in between the rows for easy access - and my knees - I spray this straw with an actual citrus plant deterrant for furniture in the house...problem is it must be done again after every rain fall..I have also discovered that my cat, and they are all different, likes natural cedar I have prepared a few areas with it, near the garden for him to sit on and watch me and he does..again, every cat is different...if there has been mouse activity in your garden patch, that will also attract them...and they will lie right on a plant laying in weight should the mouse decide it wants to take a sample of what is to come.....other than that, ... I can't help...but I have noticed it is NEW plants they love, and the fresh soil is easy for them to paw through to do their business, yuk..right in our patch to be harvested...I even had a cat who ploughed through a huge potted plant in the house...the soil smelled so yummy to far the citrus peels work the best...even blending them in the blender seems to help and just water them into the rows......not so unsightly as the actual peels themselves...there is one other thing......make something inviting in the shade for your cat...with treats near by...the allure of the garden will lessen.....good luck
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  • Sharon Sharon on Jun 03, 2017
    Cats don't like citrus (usually), so you can get Orange Extract and dilute with water 50/50 and spray it around
  • Jan Jones Jan Jones on Jun 04, 2017
    When I planted my zucchini plants I was very worried about all our kitties...I read that they don't like coffee, garlic or cinnamon so to be on the safe side I sprinkled all three around the plants. Not a single plant was disturbed!
  • Staci Staci on Jun 04, 2017
    I put small pots of Dog cat plant(Plectranthus caninus) next to or on the edge of my garden. The cats don't like the plants. when they touch them they get a "skunk" smell and run. You don't smell it unless you hit it or water it, but the odor doesn't last long for us humans. They are a pretty plant and have a purple flower. I have tried everything else, but it hasn't worked for me. These plant do. I plant hem every year. I don't find "treasures" in my flowers or garden.
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