Refurbishing stove exhaust, its been awful, can anyone help?

I rent and my kitchen is a normal rental kitchen...nothing fancy. I'm ok with that because it is neutral and very clean. HOWEVER.... the stove exhaust is an absolute mess!!! It is bent, rusting, and looks like it belongs in a totally different kitchen! I don't even think I could get if off of there without hurting myself... or might be able to get it off but not get it back on! It's really rusty and I wondering what I could do w/it??? Sand it and repaint it? Seems like a very tedious job, but would be better than having to look at it every day. So sand... prime... paint??? (ps.. the top of it is fine... it just the underneath that needs the help, so I'm hoping spray primer & spray high heat paint would work)... HELP!
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