Garbage Disposal not Draining

Wife put large Tupperware full of Chicken Alfredo Down Disposal,now Both sides full of water,used Drano on both sides,no help!! Turn Disposal on working, but Immediately fills up Other Side. I've used a Bucket to clear water What Next. Thanks
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  • Judy Ferrell Judy Ferrell on Jun 03, 2017
    check your pipes. should look like a y. also, you may have something further down pipes.
  • She14122141 She14122141 on Jun 03, 2017
    Had this prob! Pasta went thru disposal but drain wouldn't work. Plunged and plunged. Wonderful son in law came over. We had to remove the trap underneath sink and clean out the pasta. It was a mess in the drain pipe. Not a pleasant job but it was necessary and it worked. Use a large bucket underne
  • Helen Helen on Jun 05, 2017
    Leave water running so that noodles, etc. will quit sticking together and break it . up from a paste. That's my thought. I hesitate to say "use this or that" product. But you may find one to work. But, basically water will be your friend more than anything I think.
  • Elizabeth Leblanc Elizabeth Leblanc on Jun 06, 2017
    pour a half bottle cooking oil down drain
  • Alton F Bell Alton F Bell on Jun 06, 2017
    People are frightened to take apart the garburator. My son has put bits of meat and the string is not being chomped up.
    Safety first, turn off the breaker. Have some one jog it with water running and be 100% sure.
    Get a short bucket or wide bowl and old cotton towels for under the sink.
    Turn off the water valves so no one can soak you by bumping the faucet.
    Get as much and all out of the space under the sinks.
    The floor to bottom of the cupboard is nasty when you have to lie face up so think of something to gain this height. The unit comes off way easy. at the top of the unit is a neck with rounded edges. You fit a screw driver into one of these and use the screw driver to unscrew the unit. It fits up into the drain basket with angled pieces of steel that fit the neck angle steel and ramp up to hold the unit in place.
    Be prepared to have a heavy unit drop down when it is fully disengaged, I have a old Folgers coffee container red plastic up under the unit so it drops down on this. Unless you have three hands. It helps to have something built up like books or you have it so the unit easily drops down on this and does not hurt you or dent the unit.
    Now explaining this we have not forgotten to take off the dish washer input hose and the pipe fittings attached to the unit and some times it is just good to remove all you can. Hopefully the Plummer has used threaded parts and not cheeped out with totally glued trap and sink drain cross over. Take a picture of the set up showing how it is rigged. Don't be stingy on the shots you may need them.
    The unit is actually hollow above the motor and when you look inside you can see the grinding pawls that are rotated and fling around to do the grinding up against the outer wall. So now you can use a flexible stick to poke in and clean what ever is crossed up inside. The dish washer drains in to it as well so food parts can be ground next fling and also to be on top of the trap not under so sewer gasses do not escape. I have found bones cross ways and in the case of the string wrapped around the grinder arm not allowing all to be flung to the outside, masticated and water moves it all down the drain.
    To put it back position the unit between the angled ears and use the screw driver to turn he neck and tightened. Be aware it all has to align up so the plastic pipes fit so leave it a but loose till the rest wiggles into place then tap it tight, The unit will rotate on the neck for the final alignment then tighten.
    Hook the dish washer back and turn on the valves for the taps. Run water both sides for the leak test. I put in a stopper to build up some volume and have some one pull the plug while I watch under with a light. Back o with the breaker and test with a carrot in the unit.
    You can do it, you may get a bit wet. But next time you will be the hero again and the wife will reward you I am sure.
    Remember safety, do not take chances.
  • Michael Michael on Jun 11, 2017
    Did that went and bought a snake, still didn't work, called my local handyman,He did same thing,then got a 6" looked rubber.and attached hose to it,and that did the Trick
  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Jun 11, 2017
    Part of the problem with disposals is that most people don't run enough water. Always run the water long enough for it to reach the street. Even if it's chopped it can get stalled at an elbow or curve in the pipes. We've had it happen too and it always happens where the pipe curves to go outside. Ever since I started leaving the water on longer we haven't had a problem.
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