Anyone ever deliberately kill their lawn?

Our lawn is a hot mess with very little grass, mostly cats ears and crab grass. I'm not keen on the idea of a high maintenance, water sucking lawn, so the plan is to kill it off and next year plant mini/micro clover. We're considering several ideas, and wondering what ideas folks have tried and how they've worked.

I'm attracted to the idea of putting down a lot of newspaper, wetting it, and then covering with mulch, but I'm wondering what happens with the mulch once it's time to plant the lawn? If we did this plan, we'd do it in the late summer/early fall and plant the clover in the spring.

So, how have you folks destroyed your lawn and started over? Is the newspaper/mulch idea the best? I just want to kill everything to start over and I'm afraid that just tilling it over won't kill all the cats ears.
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