New Pics! (1-19-14)

We are working on phase 3 on this home and the bird of paradice has had as many as 24 blooms on it at one time.
AFTER photo now shows a friendlier look. Notice that the maroon Hawaiian Tys are planted closer to the overhang for winter protection.
Lobster claw heliconia has flowers that feel like plastic and last for months. There are over 200 varieties. I use them in my landscapes in protected areas.
A simple liriope in an urn at the end of the driveway is a hardy strong statement.
Blue agave in the background has thorns so a background placement is ideal.
BEFORE: front angle... We removed the old and dead plants first. This bed is ready to have weeds removed, then the new plants placed and the mulch added.
BEFORE: We removed the old and dead plants first
A brand new landscape - 10 minutes old - still has to grow in so keep in mind if you put too many big things it will come back to haunt you years later.
Clean, neat and simple is what we were trying to achieve at this home.

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