How can I fix my patio?

I recently purchased a great house with an unfinished brick patio. I'm not sure what to do next. I have lots of extra bricks. How would you finish this? What type of edge to use at the end? What about the leaning portion? Any help would be appreciated . Thank you
q how can i fix my patio
Unfinished brick patio
q how can i fix my patio
Bricks leaning downward? Drainage perhaps? Done by previous owner
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  • Alexandra Alexandra on Jun 06, 2017
    I would make a bricks border at the base of the wall, too. If only to prevent the weeds from drawing moisture and damage the wall in time. It looks like the black plastic is meant to be a weed barrier, only not properly placed. I guess you need to remove all the bricks and make a solid plan. Draw a pattern, bricks allow for very nice patterns. You also need sand, to level the ground before you lay your bricks. And make sure you allow a gentle steep to allow rainwater to move away from the house. You could replace the black plastic foil with simple salt spread periodically to kill the weeds. And if you use mortar to fix the bricks, the weeds will have a hard time finding the tiny cracks to creep in. Make sure you have enough bricks for the surface you want to cover. Draw various designs and patterns before you decide which you like best. Paper and pencil are easier than hard labour. Good luck! :)
  • Pat Ruge Pat Ruge on Jun 06, 2017
    I've laid a lot of brick. First thing to know, it's a lot of work. First you need to remove all the bricks and then build the foundation. You have cement in place for the one wall and where to begin. Dig out the excess dirt and level the ground as best you can. On the other three walls, lay down 2x4's that are weather proofed (otherwise they rot if you use ordinary 2x4's). Then you will need to put in a layer of small gravel followed by a level of sand. Your base, done properly will insure proper drainage. At this point you use another 2x4 to help you with the leveling. As with most jobs, preparation is about 90% of the job. Once your bricks are all in place, throw down sand on top and sweep around to fill the spaces between the bricks and to lock them into place. Then water it down and when dry, repeat the sanding on top until you see it reaches the top of the bricks.

    With that done, you are ready to lay your brick. Any diagonal pattern will mean cutting bricks and makes your job that much harder, but to add interest you could do two one direction and then two opposite direction. I'm sure you can find many examples and videos on youtube to help you through the process. You may have to buy extra bricks.

    Note: it is ok to plan a slight slope in your layout so the water will drain off. You may choose to cement your last row on the border to hold everything in place, or you may choose to leave the 2x4's in place to hold it.
  • Gwendolyn M Clement Gwendolyn M Clement on Jun 06, 2017
    Thank you. I want to leave the part that is complete. No need to create more work. I want to just finish what they started. I appreciate your tips. I will prepare the ground and continue from the existing bricks. I'll keep you posted!
  • Diana Diana on Jun 07, 2017
    first pressure wash it to get all the stuff off the pavers. If you still don't like the look and it has never had paint in the pavers you can stain the pavers to a different color to your liking just pick a day that it is not going to rain. I liked the idea of staining a lighter color around the outer ring of bricks on mine to really make it pop
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