31 Coastal Decor Ideas Perfect For Your Home

Love the beach? Try these coastal decor ideas now!

By Hometalk Hits

Craft Coastal Napkin Rings With Hemp

Cut empty paper rolls and hot glue hemp rope around it. (Celebrate & Decorate

Make A Vase Out Of Bottles

Take 3 bottles, wrap together in twine, and insert sand dollars.

Make A Beachy Theme Key Holder With Paint

Take a wall plaque and paint with chalk paint, then paint salmon on the knobs.

Build A Coastal Colored Planked Wall

Cut down unfinished wood to size and paint with FolkArt.

Cover A Wine Bottle In Fishing Nets

Wash out the bottle, cover in fishing net, and wrap the neck in rope.

Make An Outdoor Seashell Table

Fill a terra cotta pot with styrofoam, then cover with sand and seashells.

Wrap Your Beachy Scarf On A Wreath

Tie off the ends of the scarf and wrap around form.

Build A Wreath From Driftwood

Sand down wood and use wood glue to hold pieces together.

Put A Seashell Wreath On The Front Door

Simply take glue and apply over styrofoam wreath.

Create A Candle Filled With Sand

Use funnel to fill bottle with sand and place seashells inside too.

Coat Mason Jars In Seaglass

Hot glue seashells onto the top of the jars and spray paint the jars with seaglass.

Create Coastal Torches From A Wine Bottle

Assemble the wick and glue glass chips on the inside.

Redecorate Your Headboard With A Sea Horse

Mix saltwash and chalk paint together, then paint over a stencil of a seahorse.

Restyle Your Desk Coastal With Quotes

Repaint the desk seafoam blue and stencil a beach inspired quote.

Refresh A Table With Unicorn SpiT

Apply Unicorn SPiT in the colors of the ocean, seal with Tung Oil, and place seashell themes decor on top.

Create Coastal Table Decor For Holidays

Place plates over starfish chargers and put bleached starfish under candle pillars.

Upholster A Footstool With A Crab

Trace an image of a crab onto burlap, cover over stool, and staple in place.

Craft A Beach Memory Jar With Seaweed

Take an aqua jar and fill with seaweed, sand, and seashells.

Place Seashells On A Table As A Centerpiece

Take 2” pails, paint over, and fill with seashells or driftwood.

Hang An Anchor Crafted From Starfish

Arrange 3 packs of starfish into an anchor and adhere with hot glue.

Makeover A Mirror With Seafoam Blue

Repaint with a seafoam blue paint, coat paint on starfish, and use palm sander to distress the frame.

Create A Vase With A Sea Urchin

Take an urchin vase filler, spray paint metallic, and insert a plant.

Upcycle A Beach Paddle With Paint

Put tape on 3 different sections of a paddle and paint over to reveal nautical stripes.

Make A Wreath With Flip Flops

Connect a pool noodle with duct tape, coat in fabric, and hot glue on your flip flops.

Create A Seashell Lamp With A Jug

Insert clip on bulb adapter to jug and hot glue on starfish.

Recycle Pickle Jars Into Seashell Jars

Wash out pickle jar, paint lids black, and fill with seashells.

Craft Food Colored Sand Vases

Simply dye sand with food coloring and fill in a pattern.

Build A Lighthouse With Terra Cottas

Spray paint with Rustoleum, stack the pots, and top with a lantern.

Repurpose Bottles Into Vases Coated In Sand

Simply modge podge bottle then roll in beach sand.

Saltwash Wood Furniture For A Beachy Look

Mix saltwash into paint, and coat on piece of wooden furniture.