Solar Standing Chandelier

I have been wanting a solar chandelier for my garden for some time now. I had two main problems - I did not have a structure from which to hang a traditional chandelier, and, even if I did, the strong winds in this area would have prevented me from doing so.
That meant I had to become a little inventive. My 'standing solar chandelier' was the result.
My 'standing solar chandelier' - the plastic beads add a nice sparkle to it during the daytime.
The chandelier itself was made out of two dumpster finds - an old iron chandelier, as well as an old standing lamp base.
I removed the chain from the chandelier, and then joined it to the lamp base using steel putty. This is a great product as it dries as hard as steel, yet is very pliable before drying. It takes approximately 45 minutes to set.
The final step was to spray paint the base and chandelier white, add the beads, and place it into the garden. The sun will do the rest!

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