Pretty Purple Retirement Shower Room

I painted this as a vintage western hotel mural, in this retirement home which had a western theme, but I added the unexpected vivid purple to keep things extra colorful and cheerfull!
Peace does begin with a smile! I painted on a cabinet door.
I painted white scrollies frolicking happily all around the room and the floor I painted and decorated with faux rag rugs
I also faux painted the door... to appear a bit more rustic than before
Home IS where you hang your hat!
I found this vintage dressing table to give the residents the ability to view themselves better than the previous high mirrors allowed.
I added double mirrors to reflect more light
I added the simple Home Depot corner shelves to hold small items within easy reach. like shampoo and glasses, then painted them to look more interesting along with pretty trompe loeil niches
I painted details and replaced glass in an old window
I added white trim and details to this room to keep it from being too dark with this deep rich purple basecoat
I found the perfect fabric for a pretty purple privacy curtain
I found kitchen cabinet doors and painted them with positive affirmations for reminders to always handle with care while working.
A heart that knows Love IS always young! (and kind) I painted on a cabinet door.
Where hope grows, miracles DO blossom! I painted on a cabinet door.
An act of kindness no matter how small IS never wasted!I painted on a cabinet door.
I found this tattered and torn Beattitudes of Senior Citizens so I salvaged it and dressed it up with a little painting, as reminder to all who work there to always remember the residents are to be loved, respected, and never alone!
Blessed are they who understand My faltering step and palsied hand. Blessed are they who know that my ears today Must strain to catch the things they say. Blessed are they who seem to know that my eyes are dim and my wits are slow.
I built a large heavy duty purple vinyl covered massage table at the foot of the faux bed I painted on the wall, for the residents or workers to use when a strained back needs a few minutes of massage to work out a sore/pulled muscle.
Cowboy in his hotel room bathtub mural I painted

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