Get A Pretty In Pink Moment With Wine Bottles

Repurpose those bottles with pink Krylon spray paint and drape thrifted pearls around the bottle. Get tutorial here

Put Patriotic Flare On Your Glass With Paint

Use a fine tipped brush to sweep on the fire works and paint the rim of the glass. Get tutorial here

SPiT On Your Glass For Vibrant Colors

Tape around the top of the glass, and let Unicorn SPiT drip down for a marble effect. Get tutorial here

Recycle Bottles Into Beachy Vases

Brush modge podge onto the entire bottle, swirl in beach sand, and knot with twine. Get tutorial here

Keep Your Wine Crate As A Nightstand

Use antiquing wax to age the look of the crate and add hairpin legs. Get tutorial here

Let Wine Corks Hold Up Your Phone

Slice two parallel lines into the cork, hollow out the middle, and pop in your phone. Get tutorial here

Transform Bottles Into Rustic Decor

Cut an 18 inch piece of pine and mount the bottle with metallic straps. Get tutorial here

Feed The Hummingbirds With Your Bottle

Snip down gauge wire and wrap around the bottle 2 to 3 times. Get tutorial here

Paint A Festive Birch Tree For Christmas

Coat the base in Modern Masters white paint and use a frosting bag to create the branches. Get tutorial here

Use Bottles To Mark The Veggies In The Garden

Paint the labels on the bottom of the bottle with chalk Martha Stewart paint and put corks in bottle before jamming int Get tutorial here

Design Decorative Corks As Doorknobs

Use a fine pointed brush to paint on flowers or stars, then affix to the cabinet with a screw. Get tutorial here

Cover Bottles In Twine For Christmas

Begin with a knot at the top, and simply wrap the twine around till the end. Get tutorial here

Let Your Bottles Water The Plants Instead

Dig a small hole next to the plant, insert the water filled bottle into the soil. Get tutorial here

Make Autumnal Trees On Glasses

Cut wax paper down into sheets and adhere fake leaves with modge podge. Get tutorial here

Get Santa On Your Wine Glass With Spray Paint

Tape around the neck and edge of the glass, then paint on Santa’s belt. Get tutorial here

Make A Home For Succulents In A Glass

Load the desired paint color of choice into a bowl and simply dip the bottom of the glass in. Get tutorial here