Stop Puddles With A River Rock Tray

Adhere rocks with E6000 to the baking tray, and say goodbye to rainy day puddles in your home. Get tutorial here

Make Mossy Monogram Decor

Nail several small holes into the tray, fill the base with river rocks, and apply thin layer of potting soil. Get tutorial here

Get Spices In Order With A Magnetic Rack

Place wood frame on the top of the baking pan and attach magnetic strips to the back of each spice tin. Get tutorial here

Poke A Cookie Sheet For Faux Punched Tins

Punch knitting needles into an aluminum cookie sheet and mount on canvas. Get tutorial here

Turn Tart Tins Into Coasters

Take out the base from each tin, trace fabric around it, and adhere fabric to the base. Get tutorial here

Organize Jewelry With A Pan On A Stand

Nail a baking pan onto the top of a mug stand, and coat in chalk paint. Get tutorial here

Stack Pans High Into Tiered Stands

Top cake pans and pie stands between wood rounds of scrap plywood. Get tutorial here

Fill Baking Tins With Your Favorite Herbs

Use Gorilla Glue to adhere a plastic round to the front and add gravel stones for drainage. Get tutorial here

Hang A Pretty Picture With A Pan Frame

Spray paint with Rustoleum and print out image then adhere with glue spray. Get tutorial here

Makeover Your Baking Sheet Into A Pretty Tray

Simply coat in gold leafing and distress lightly for a shimmery look. Get tutorial here