How do you get rid of roaches for good.

never had them before, until someone came to house to wash ( I think that's how they got into my house)
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  • Paula Paula on Jun 09, 2017
    I had to clean a rental house that they were in and they were everywhere! First, make sure no food is being left out. The next thing I did was go buy about six raid bombs for roaches, or whatever brand you feel is better. But the most important part of the process was boric acid powder. You can but it for just a few bucks. Its in the insecticide aisle. I bought four big plastic bottles. Then, I went around the perimeter of each room sprinkling a fine line of it alongside the baseboards. (This was probably overkill, but I left them no place to hide or crawl across without trekking thru it.) It took a couple of weeks for them to die out. But the eventually disappearred. Pay particular attention around areas where there could be a water source and under the stove and fridge. Caution!!! Obviously, DO NOT PUT ANY BORIC ACID POWDER OUT WHERE CHILDREN AND PETS CAN GET INTO IT!!!
    I did all of this while the house was vacant! However, a friend told me his mother always sprinkled 20 Mule Team Borax in out of the way spots and they never had them.
    I was just so creeped out by them I went for chemical warfare before moving in. Again, probably overkill....but it worked for me!
  • Anne Anne on Jun 12, 2017
    Combat Roach Traps work well. Use them as directed, everywhere; within 3-4 weeks, problem solved. Continue replacing them every 3 months to insure no return until you feel sure there are no more invaders.
  • Ljgordon Ljgordon on Jun 13, 2017
    Boric acid is no more toxic to humans than table salt. Caffeine is 14 times more toxic than BA. It acts differently on insects than humans. Saying that , just don't use it as salt or coffee. Make sure the powder you put out is almost invisible to you. If too thick, the roaches will find away around it. It works when the roaches walk thru it and then lick it off their feet.
  • Vickie Vickie on Jun 13, 2017
    I just read that if you crush bay leaves and sprinkle them in the areas where you typically see them it will run them out and keep them out. They can't stand the smell.
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