Asked on Jun 9, 2017

How to finish a Wood floor that I removed the carpet from?

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I pulled the carpet up off my wood floor. The floor looks as it has no poly coat finish. I was told it was originally finished with an oil? How do I bring it back to a new look without damaging it?
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  • Tammy
    on Jun 9, 2017

    It depends on how much work your looking to do Michele. The labor intensive way would be to sand them and refinish. Before I went through that I would recommend getting a product called Rejuvenate for wood floors. I have used it and love it. You may find this is all they need.
  • Michele Messina
    Michele Messina
    on Jun 9, 2017

    Thank you! I am heading to the store to look for it now.

  • Those floors are BEAUTIFUL! If you need to go further than the Rejuvenate product, I suggest just a light sanding then seal. Those floors are too darn pretty to be stained! I am so jealous, would love to have such stunning wood floors like this. 💖
  • Diana Deiley
    Diana Deiley
    on Jun 9, 2017

    Be still my heart. LOVE the floors. I am so jealous. If you are not in a hurry and have the budget I'd have the floors sanded, stained if desired, then sealed. Those floors are gorgeous. Best of luck.
  • Debra Snipes
    Debra Snipes
    on Jun 9, 2017

    I sanded, stained and sealed my 1000 sq ft house for $112, I rented a sander from Home Depot, used a hand held sander in the nooks and crannies. Two coats of stain and six coats of polyurethane . It is labor intensive, but you can do it on the cheep
  • Shelley Pratt Brauer
    Shelley Pratt Brauer
    on Jun 10, 2017

    or you can re oil the floors it soaks into the wood gives a lovely in expensive look

  • Marie Phelps
    Marie Phelps
    on Jun 25, 2017

    Have you considered waxing? That's how the older floors were maintained. Just use a good cleaner for non-poly wood floors -- Lundmark comes to mind -- and then wax and buff.
    • Marie Phelps
      Marie Phelps
      on Jun 27, 2017

      Lundmark makes a good clear wax (they also have several tinted waxes), or just any plain paste wax. Once you clean and wax them (including buffing with an electric buffer), you maintain them like you would shoes with occasional waxing and buffing, and dry mopping the rest of the rest of the time.
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