Four "Killer" Ideas to Get Rid of Weeds Forever

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Got weeds? Do they keep coming back even when you pull them out? Here are four easy peasy ways to get rid of them forever with things you already have in your cupboard.

Method One: Boil plain water in either a kettle or a sauce pan.

Pour the boiling water directly on the weed making sure you pour the water on the ground surround the weed to get the roots.

This works instantly. As you pour the water, the leaves begin to curl up.

Same weed...dead! This is after 24 hours.

Method Two:

Huge shout out to The Chemistry Cachet for this recipe!

  • 3 cups white vinegar
  • 3/4 cup table salt
  • 2 tsp blue Dawn
  • 3 tsp arthritis rub that contains methyl salicylate which is wintergreen oil (this is the secret ingredient)

Mix all of the ingredients together and pour into a spray bottle.

I sprayed this mixture on clover. Clover is one tough weed to kill.

This is after 4 hours...dead! After 24 hours, it was complete gone.

Method Three: White vinegar and lemon juice. The ration is 1:1 so if you use one cup of white vinegar, use one cup of lemon juice. Mix the two ingredients together and pour into a spray bottle.

I sprayed three wee weeds. Spray until entire area is saturated.

This is after 24 hours. Can you see them? No? That's because they're dead!

Method Four: Bleach

Pour bleach directly onto the weed. This works instantly as you will see the leave begin to curl.

This weed is really hardy with deep roots.

This is after 4 hours...dead! After 24 hours is completely gone.

There are plants around this weed and it didn't affect them at all. I was very careful to pour the bleach directly onto the weed.

I also have three dogs and I kept them away from this area while I used this method.

This may be a method to use only on weeds you absolutely can't get rid of. You know the ones.

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  • Debi O'Brien
    on Jul 7, 2020

    does anyone know if this will work on bamboo?

    • Flipturn
      on Aug 8, 2020

      No, these ingredients will not 'work' on bamboo, simply because they kill only the portion of the plant that is growing above ground.

      To annihilate a plant such as bamboo, you have to literally get down to the root of the problem, and pull and dig the roots out.

      As AJ can assest to from personal experience, bamboo is very difficult to get rid of completely. It may very well take consecutive digging sessions with genuine herbicide to fully wipe out the plant.

  • Kathy
    on Jul 8, 2020

    Why would you want to get rid of clover ?

    • Flipturn
      on Aug 8, 2020

      'Probably clover growing in grass.

      If it is not caught early, it can take over your whole lawn.

  • Luella Santelli
    on Jul 24, 2020

    Will it kill poison ivy?

    • Kylie
      on Aug 6, 2020

      Yes! I use a method similar to the vinegar and salt one above. It's just i gallon of white vinegar (or whatever kind is cheaper), one 1 lb. container of salt, 1/2 gallon of water, and about 1/3 cup of dawn dish soap. I put it into a 2 gallon pump sprayer, mix it well, and spray it on poison ivy and other weeds that are a pain to pull. It might require more than one application for large poison ivy patches or thick poison ivy vines, but it's not harmful to the environment, and it's inexpensive to make. It costs about $3.00 - $4.00 to make a gallon and a half.

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  • Jan Andrews
    on Jul 21, 2020

    We sow clover in vacant lots in the city so they don't need to be mowed. I don't like it in my flower beds and grass either.....

  • Stephanie
    on Aug 15, 2020

    Yep bleach works really well and another "bleach trick" I treat my iris every Spring and Fall with a 10 % ( 1part bleach 10 parts water) bleach solution and have NO iris pests and no leaves browning

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