We have a lawn full of weeds. What's the best way to get rid of them?

We are an older couple who sized down our house but our lawn is quite large. The house was empty for over a year and the yard was let go. A lawn service wanted $14K to re-sod it. We can't afford to do it. Can anyone help?

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  • That sounds like way too much money to me too, even for a good sized yard. When I purchased my house the front yard was neglected and overgrown too. I mowed it all down, used a commercial weed and feed type product to get me through the first summer. Then in fall, had the lawn aerated, overseeded and topped. Fraction of the price of sod. See if that is something you might wish to consider.

  • Sharon Sharon on Jun 10, 2017
    Had the same when I moved in, old dead grass 2 feet high. I mowed it down, rake real good to get the thatch out. Started watering it, added weed n feed, mow regularly, pulled dandelions using a dandelion puller as Weed b Gone didn't do the trick. I have sprayed the clover and other weeds with Weed b Gone. Add seed and dirt to thin areas in the spring. Mine gradually came back.
  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Jun 10, 2017
    Sure just mow and apply weed and feed. Follow directions. If you can still get down on the ground dig weed out I had exactly same issue but my guy was going to totally get rid of all grass back and front and just sod front and reseed back plus regarde the area and only for less then 4000.00. We were going to do it but then found out my son needed surgery and one turned into two then my husband need surgery also two. So he was kind enough to let us off the hook. My point is that unless you have a ton of land that sounds high and they should have offered just re seeding some areas to lower cost for you. I have found dandelion roots that are hardy as thick as my finger and over 8 inches long. You have to kill weed root or it comes back. Ask a nursery what they would use to kill weeds but not grass and if you have a rotary club in town ask them. Ask neighbors as well,especially the ones with beautiful lawns. It might be worth going with a company like true green that is costly but only do it every other week and once under control and year is up you can choose to resign contract or not. We are still fairly young since people live longer, hahaha, but money doesn't grow on trees and a vacant house for one year took all our profit from previous home and our savings. Then the surgeries holy moly. So I understand trust me do I understand and I'm disabled so I can't work we live on one income and the son that needed the surgery was in college at the time. So we are now paying off credit card we were left with no other choice. Figure out how much ,if anything,don't go into debt for this, and look around. Otherwise keep lawn nicely mowed and you'll at least cut the weeds as you mow and only if your up close can you tell. Don't stress, life is short. Enjoy the house and do what you can. But save your money because tomorrow brings it's on share of problems. Trust in God and He will get you through this. We are proof that God is good and provides what we need everyday.
  • Marvelb503 Marvelb503 on Jun 10, 2017
    I'm 80, female and still take care of my yard. I find the easiest for me is liquid weed and feed that you just screw onto the end of the hose and water as you walk slowly through the yard. It's great stuff, so easy to apply and helps the grass thicken up as it kills the weeds and the grass grows thick and strong to fill in so the weeds can't come back. If lawn is really bad, might need to appply twice, maybe a month apart. Only problem.....mowing more often, but beautiful lawn, with little effort which is what I need at my age. With your lawn I would also recommend doing again in the fall.
  • Sharon Sharon on Jun 10, 2017
    In our town, they have yard crews from the developmental disabled and also the juvenile justice center that work cheap. We used them at the local Boys and Girls Club, they are supervised.
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