What is the best window cleaner?

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  • Sonja Sonja on Jun 10, 2017
    I use dawn dish soap and white vinegar with warm water, Use a micro fiber cloth wash off window and dry with micro fiber cloth. Sparkling clean. I wouldnt use any thing else plus no streaks

  • Jdg21628477 Jdg21628477 on Jun 10, 2017
    Mix vinegar & water in a spray bottle (50/50), then wipe clean with a newspaper. Your windows will be clean & streak free every time! The best part is there are no chemicals & your reusing the newspaper :)
  • Donna Donna on Jun 10, 2017
    I use microfiber cloths. They work great and leave no residue to attract more dirt. Donna
  • Stephen Whelan Stephen Whelan on Jun 11, 2017
    add some lemon juice, you can buy a cleaner with it already in.
  • Melinda Melinda on Jun 11, 2017
    I tried every trick until I watched several You Tube videos of how the professionals do it. I've got arthritic hands and can no longer use paper towels, microfiber cloths or rags. Now I can do both insides and outsides in a quarter of the time it use to take me, and NO paper towels. After all of these years using both the homemade mixes, Windex, and every other window cleaner they claimed wouldn't leave streaks, (they all did leave streaks unless you use a roll of towels and 1 hr of arm power!) I finally found the ONE way to wash windows and I'll NEVER GO BACK to using those products AGAIN!! Basically it's a one time have to buy tools for a window cleaning kit. SO VERY WORTH IT!! Here are the needed items:
    20" Professional Palmyra brush. Quickie brand is what I bought. It's a long handled brush that you use to sweep around the window sill and frame before washing window.
    12" to 16" Unger or Ettore Brand professional stainless steel window squeege
    12" to 16" Unger or Ettore Brand professional microfiber sleeve T scrubber
    Optional for large out door windows: Unger or Ettore Brand extention pole
    #00 steel wool pads
    safety razor blade window scraper
    old terry cloth hand towel or cloth
    regular 2 gallon bucket
    dawn detergent for outdoor windows and screens
    For indoor windows a couple of old bath towels or beach towel to put on the window sill or floor to catch occasional water OOPS!
    The best part! It's found in the auto section of the Home Depot...
    "Stoner INVISIBLE GLASS CLEANER" (makes glass invisible) Seriously, it does!
    This sounds like a big old expensive way to do it.. it's not and it saves a huge amount of time!!
    For outside windows:
    Take long handled brush and brush off dust,dirt, spiderwebs around window frame before washing
    Fill bucket 3/4 full with water add 1/2 cup dawn dishwasher detergent last. Don't want a lot of suds.
    Dip microfiber T Scrubber in bucket to get really wet, scrub window well. If there are dried on bugs and bird doo use steel wool gently making sure the glass is wet with soapy water so the glass doesn't scratch. If this doesn't do it, use razor blade also.
    Use cotton hand towel to wipe very top of window with index finger to make a dry spot to start with squeege tool. I often forgot this part and went right to the squeege and it worked well.
    Take squeege and start at top and squeege from top to bottom.
    Wipe wet window sill off and it's SOOOOO clean and fast.
    It takes a couple of windows of practice to get really good. If you should go back and check for streaks and see any like I did, I then brought on the Stoner Invisible Glass Cleaner spray. I wet the whole outside of the window surface and used only the squeege from top to bottom. If your windows are mostly clean in the beginning and they just need a bit of cleaning and a whole lot of shine, skip the washing with Dawn and just use the Stoner Invisible Glass cleaner.
    For the inside windows, line window sill with old towel, spray with Stoner Invisible Glass cleaner so it covers all the surface of glass and then squeege window. Wipe squeege blade off with cotton hand towel carefully. You don't want to dislodge the rubber on the squeege.
    If you want a great demonstration look up YouTube under 'How to wash windows like the professionals.' OH, where was You Tube 35 years ago.
    Good luck!

  • Marianne Patyk Marianne Patyk on Jun 11, 2017
    half tilled white vinegar and half water.. .If u do not have news paper to clean windows it is the ink in the newspaper that helps clean . If I do not have the b\news paper I use coffee filter
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