30 Fun Way To Brighten Up Your Backyard This Summer

No worries, we got your backyard covered for summer!

By Hometalk Hits

Make a gorgeous mosaic piece to display

Grab empty wine bottles, shards of a mirror and glass nuggets for this idea!

Turn crates into funky planter frames

Make a bright outdoor gallery with crates, spray paint them & then attach to them to a pallet. (Rob &Court

Build a hairpin bench with storage

Sit back and chill on this rustic boho bench by nailing casters & hairpins stands to slabs of treated wood. (Amand

Upcycle a porch table in psychedelic colors

Liven up your porch with a made over spool base and add a sturdy stem. So cute. (Ileen .S)

Hang a rustic grapevine luminary

Update your patio with fairy lights by stringing white bulbs through some grapevine balls.

Or add a touch of sparkle with glass

Hang glass candle holders in your garden with some crystal and wire to make your summer shine.

Make your garden the colors of the rainbow

Turn your vertical garden into a bright spring wall with some painted pots and pallets. (Crystal .A)

Construct a collapsible tent for the kids

Grab a few bandannas and some painted conduit pipes and 2 sided circular boxes and voila! Spring dream!

Weave a super fun dog gate

Dog gates can look good too. Use colorful paracords and 2x2s to recreate this brilliant porch idea.

Create a picnic table and bench

If you’ve got extra wood and dark stain, make your backyard the BBQ of the season.

Make $10 Chairs Look Amazing With Spray Paint

Flip over the chairs and spray paint with color and place decorative cushions on the chair.

Have A Beautiful Picnic Blanket With Shibori

Choose plain fabric then rubber band to a wooden plank and let it sit in dye for five minutes.

Cool Down With Bucket Air Conditioning

Take an old oversized bucket and cut three sections of PVC piping, then insert into the bucket.

Chill Summer Beverages With Balloons

Fill up balloons with water, chill in the freezer, and fill in an empty vase.

Use Ice To Dye Your Picnic Blanket

Bundle up your fabric, cover in ice, sprinkle with dye over ice, and as the ice melts dye will be applied.

Kick Your Feet Up On A Comfy Ottoman

Measure the height of the chair you wish to fit the ottoman under and fit a fluffy pillow inside the crate.

Make A Patio Table Filled With Wine Corks

Put in large wooden round, fill with corks, and place glass over it.

Paint a drab chair into floral masterpiece

Instead of just updating the color, paint a mural on your worn chair for maximum glam.

Catch the Sunlight With DIY Suncatchers

Cut cardstock into desired motif or image, then use tissue paper to fill in the image.

Hang Pretty LED Solo Cup Garlands

Paint over or purchase colored party cups and pull through the garland wires through the cup.

Keep Nosy Neighbors Out With A Privacy Screen

Create a lattice motif with wood by cutting several to size and place a planter with vines underneath.

Light Up Tables With Pineapple Luminaries

Modge podge on yellow tissue paper and cut felt into the pineapple’s leaves.

Decorate With Fabric Planters In The Backyard

Measure the pots to get the desired amount of fabric cut and use modge podge to adhere the fabric.

Make a rustic bottle opener for the backyard

With just a mason jar and a few more materials, you can make this!

Use an extra bottle to feed the birds

Biuld your own wine bottle feeder with a few simple steps!

Cut the legs of plastic chairs and paint them

Turn old grungy chairs (or even broken chairs) into real poolside loungers by taking off the legs.

Make an outdoor tic tac toe set

A great project for the kids to add color and fun to the backyard!

Create hot air balloon suncatchers

Use recycled light bulbs and puff paint for this great idea!

Marbelize your terra cotta pots

Grab some shaving cream for this easy backyard update!