31 Amazing Furniture Flips You Have to See to Believe

Most people see old furniture - these people see a chance for awesomeness.

By Hometalk Hits

Kitchen Cabinets Become A Built In Bed

See how they took this small space in the upstairs bedroom and made it super functional!

Mid-Century Side Table Upcycle

They transformed this mid century tragedy into their foyer centrepiece

Chair Transformed Into Faux Fur Foot Stool

Grab and old wooden chair and some faux fur for this amazing makeover!

Recycle A Filing Cabinet To Organize Your Gar

Remove the cabinets, drill in peg boards, and hang tools inside.

Change Your Dresser Into A Kitchen Island

Use a palm sander to remove scratches and apply Polycrylic to surface.

Repurpose A Cart To A Bar Station

Prime with Rustoleum, remove the wheels, and use Liquid Nails to adhere cork on top.

Transform Your Bookshelf To A Bar

Spray paint metallic sheets, drill wood to the top, and attach copper pipe.

Repurposed Ladder Into Shelves

Drill in brackets and cover in hardware cloth. (Amanda C)

Recycle Your Bathtub Into A Sofa

Cut out the shape desired with a saw and spray paint.

Make Art With Table Legs

Remove the legs from a small table and nail to the fence after painting.

Reimagine a Dresser Into A Desk

Rip out 6 drawers and trim with molding.

Sewing Machine Table Turned Desk

An old sewing machine table got a vibrant new look, thanks to this bold color choice!

Vintage Decoupaged Dresser

Everything looks better with decoupage, especially when the cover is vintage sheets.

CD Cabinet Turned Vintage Apothecary Piece

Would you believe that this started off totally unspectacular?

Vanity Mirror Turned Double Duty Headboard

Turning a loose vanity mirror into a storage-style headboard? Pure genius!

From an Old Hutch to a Fresh Sofa Table

This was once the bottom of a large hutch, not that you would know it now!

Thrift Store Coffee Stand Gets a Wake Up Call

This was nothing special when she picked it up, but now? It's a coffee-lover's dream!

Hunk of Wood Defines Her Lines

Contouring isn't just for make-up. This hunk of wood looks 10x better with defined lines.

Drab Cabinet Gets a French Update

It's incredible now, but this French belle was once dark, drab, and hopeless looking.

Cabinet Doors Find a New Purpose

Once plain cabinet doors found a new purpose, thanks to a little chalk paint and a few hooks!

Turn a dresser into a bench for your entryway

With some cute pillows, this bench is the perfect thing to sit on while tying your shoes.

Black Dresser Turn Around with Duct Tape

That's right, you didn't read that wrong - duct tape!

Piano Transformed Into Magnificent Bookcase

This unbelievable transformation will leave you jaw-dropped!

Busted Nightstand to Floral Beauty

Once upon a time this looked b-a-d. But, boy did it have a happily ever after!

Turn a coffee table into a comfy bench

The table top was the perfect spot for this thick cushioned seating.

Transform a table and chairs with Dr. Suess

Every Cat in the Hat fan will love this perfectly themed table and chairs.

Flip a dresser into a storage bench

This dresser turned bench is definitely not something you see everyday!

Add some vibrant and retro colors and shapes

This flower desk is so boho and would look great in any room.

An antique dresser becomes a chic seat

Wouldn’t you want to sit on this while putting on your shoes in the morning?