30 Stunning Ways To Display Your Plants

Spruce up your home with these fun stands for your plant friends.

By Hometalk Hits

Transform Thrift Store Items Into A Planter

Use Gorilla Glue to adhere a $2 candle holder to a $2 colander and a $1 Pfaltzgraff plate.

Transition A Step Ladder Into A Stand

Use Fusion Mineral Paint, apply two coats, and distress with sandpaper.

Repurpose An Old Tomato Cage

Transform an unused tomato cage into a modern fixture with metallic spray paint.

Craft An Affordable Concrete Stand

Take a bag of concrete, wooden dowels, and a saw to create this colorful legged stool.

Add Herringbone Motif To Your Stand

Use painter’s tape to paint in an ombre colored herringbone pattern to your stand.

Turn A Spool Into A Spot For Your Plant

Take faux animal fur, cut a circle out of plywood, and spray glue on.

Recreate A West Elm Stand For Less

Gather some dowels together and drill into them to reimagine these mid century stands.

Repurpose Speaker Stands For Your Plants

An old world texture gives these speaker stands a new purpose

Use Your Blue Jeans As A Plant Stand

Gather a pair of unused pants and jeans, then drill holes into wood.

Transform A Tree Stump Into A Rolling Stool

Saw down a slice of stump then screw heavy duty rollers on for a movable plant stand.

Show Your Patriotism With A Flag Plant Stand

Display your love for your country by using Unicorn SPiT Stains on an electrical spool.

Reuse An Unloved Standing Floor Lamp

Breathe life back into that unused floor lamp by pairing it with a Dollar Store planter.

Use Marble Contact Paper For A Textured Look

Faux marble paper paired with Krylon Maxx spray delivers a chic plant stand.

Attach Wheels To Plywood

Pair plywood with glued on clamps for a traveling stand for your plant.

Turn A School Desk Into a Space For Plants

Repurpose a school desk by painting the lid with chalk paint for a writable surface.

Craft A Stand For The Porch Out Of Scrap Wood

This easy plant stand is assembled from cut scrap wood of the same length.

Transform A Birdbath Into A Gemmed Stool

Take marble gems and clear silicone sealant to produce a shimmering plate for your greenery to rest.

Upcycle A Whiskey Barrel

Saw off the top of the barrel, insert hairpin legs, and you have a rustic stool for the plants in your home.

Use A Drawer To Hold Your Plants

Go to a consignment shop, then simply paint it in white with distressed detailing for this lovely stand.

Macrame A Hanger Over A Chrome Stand

Take a vintage plant stand and macrame cording onto the stand for a shining addition to your home.

Bend Copper Pipe Into a Shining Plant Stand

Cut and bend copper piping into your perfect plant holder.

Take From The Birds, And Give To The Plants

Repurpose bird houses into a brightly painted place for your greens to get sunlight.

Reuse A Square Of Tile

Give a slab of kitchen tile use again by fashioning it into a stand with Liquid Nails.

Make A Mini Stand Out Of An Ice Cream Tub

Grab an empty ice cream tub and take a 16” tree branch to create a tiny home for your plants.

Transform A Candlestick Holder

Simply use your paint of choice, then be sure to seal it with Rust-Oleum.

Update Your Stand With Rustoleum Spray Paint

Coat the stand in a metallic finish and put a glass cutting board on top.

Recycle Your Sewing Machine For Greenery

Clean up the surface with coke soda, add birch plywood over the top, and spray paint.

Add Floral Paper To Your Stand

Sand down, repaint, and add pieces of scrap pages with a decorative motif using Minwax Poly.

Build A Rustic Stand With A Stump

Bend copper pipe hooks, use hanger tape to secure legs, and screw in the legs.

Dress Up Your Stool With Hairpin Legs

Stain a slice of wood, cut refrigerator coil, and seal with steel hanger tape.