Hole in the wall. Help.

I have a large 7'wide X 5'high) cut out in my dining room over looking the basement stairs, I hate it! I would love to close it in, but drywalling it isn't an option at the moment. Ideas?
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  • Beadboard is around $20 for a 4x8 sheet. think about using beadboard to cover the wall/area. There is also 4x8x 1/4" sheets of pressed board type paneling that is brown at Home Depot for less than $9. Paint it the wall color and tack it up there for now and trim out with some trim and maybe tack with glue or command strips your pictures up there and no one will know.
    • Donna G Donna G on Jan 22, 2014
      @The Garden Frog with C Renee I use command strips all the time. It wouldn't even have to be beadboard, you can get wallboard with sorts of designs. Hmmm.
  • Donna G Donna G on Jan 22, 2014
    I found a couple of photos that sort of show the wall. Just catches the corner of it and what we did with the ceiling.
  • With what you did with the ceiling, I would carry that out on the wall. and paint it the same as the trim or ceiling. That will tie it in and you will have more of a permanent solution. I would also do it on the opposite side too if pretty is an issue going to the basement.
  • Cynthia E Cynthia E on Jan 22, 2014
    I agree with C Renee and if you want you could use the 4x 8 as art :paint a picture/ decoupage add medallions , molding etc-paint or stain----whatever works in your home
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Jan 23, 2014
    Frame out a smooth board (good grade of plywood) and frame it in with pretty molding. Paint it to look like a beautiful picture frame. Then stencil something on both sides or pick a pretty wallpaper and cover it before putting it up. I saw a post earlier where white wallpaper with black branches and leaves were put the back inside a hutch! It was absolutely STUNNING. Then accent something in your dining room with black.
  • Karen Morton Davis Karen Morton Davis on Jan 23, 2014
    Find a large stained glass window or other window and hang it in the opening with chains. It will add architectural interest while effectively camouflaging the open space. I found this website that has photos to give you a better idea. http://yourhomeonlybetter.com/five-ways-to-decorate-with-hanging-windows/
  • Donna G Donna G on Jan 23, 2014
    There are some great idea there. Love the mosaic stained glass. I have a large stained glass window, I was planning to use elsewhere, but................
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