DIY The Ship Desk Organizer

13 Materials
2 Hours

Today we'll show you ideas in nautical style to make your working place more comfortable. The pretty practical holders we are going to show will help you to organize you stationery. Let’s start with a smart ship. There will be a few containers on board to keep your school supplies and small stuff.
Check out the video above to learn how to make your own!
Make three main details from thick cardstock – the ship sides, bottom and back side.
Score along fold lines with a craft knife. Be careful to make a notch, not a cut.
Make sure you can bend the details without breaking off.
Hot glue the details.
Place the bending parts in the forepart of the ship.
Decorate it with the stripe patterned paper. Choose the color you like. We’ve cut out the details in advance.

Cover the edges with an adhesive tape of aquamarine color.
Make a container from an empty tea box. Paint it white.
Make a few similar details.
Attach double-sided tape to the inside of the top to make it fit tight.
Cut out the ship pipes from a wide drinking straw.
Put the pipes in white paint to color the top edge.
Hot glue to the top. Tape the box edges.
Decorate the top. Check if it fits the box.
Cut out the bottom from another box. You can put more stationery in.
Assemble the ship. Add portholes.
Attach half pearl stickers to the boxes. You can use DIY hot glue beads coated with nail polish. Add an anchor.
The ship is ready to sail. Load it with your stationery cargo. It will hold it safe and secure.

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Suggested materials:

  • White and color paper
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
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    YES. I have everything. 👆
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    on Jul 10, 2017

    Empty peanut plastic jars hold these things quite well and look just as good, depending on how clean your desk is. The empty peanut butter plastic jars are marvelous for any storage.
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