30 Creative Painting Techniques & Ideas You MUST See

Don’t waste time asking how to paint this or that, check out these paint hacks!

By Hometalk Hits

Create an ocean coral effect

With Unicorn SPiT Gel Stain you can create really cool 3D canvas art with a press method and varying amounts of product.

Use a syringe to drip paint a rainbow

This idea is so unique, we had to share it.

Dip a feather duster in paint

It's weird, but this clever painting technique gives you an interesting pattern in an instant.

Add Excitement To Any Room With Stenciling

Take a stencil from your Circut machine, use painter’s tape to hold, and allow the paint to dry for 24 hours.

Paint in bright geometric shapes

The turquoise, green and blue accent wall really brought this nursery together.

Water it down for a watercolor effect

Turn your walls or decor into a soothing watercolor masterpiece using this clever trick.

Paint A Faux Grain On Wood

Sand down the wood, and mix the paint with the glaze for a intricate detail of wood.

Smear on Unicorn Spit stain

Unicorn Spit can give your furniture or decor pieces a burst of bright color, and it's fun to apply!

Fake An Heirloom With Distressing

Rub soap on the surface till build up, paint over, then rub lightly with sandpaper.

Stripe your walls with gold paint

Talk about chic! This accent wall will work throughout teenagehood.

Marble pieces by dipping them in paint

This trick is a favorite with old nail polish. Pour paint in water and dip items in to design!

Create A Textured Paint

Sprinkle Plaster of Paris with decor paint, then after drying, layer on for an aged look.

Don’t Worry About Painting Glass or Metal

Clean the surface of the metal or glass, then scuff it up with a sand block, and cover in one coat.

Spray paint with lace

Lay down some lace and spray paint a gorgeous, intricate design with barely any effort!

Rub Vibrant Colored Stencil On Walls

Apply a base coat to the wall and transfer the jewel tone onto the surface.

Blow dry crayons for a blast of color

Use crayons to color your decor using some strategic placement and a blow dryer!

Sponge & layer to make your paint look aged

Add a few layers of paint with choppy brush strokes and heavy sponging & get this aged effect.

Stamp patterns for custom wallpaper

Use interesting items, like koozies, cookie cutters, & TP rolls to stamp designs on your walls.

Use Plaster To Make Your Walls Shimmer

Utilize painter’s tape to cover the corners, roll on two coats of the base, and apply the plaster.

Craft Aged Wood Texture

Paint over the wood surface, scuff the surface, and cover with chalk paint.

Create Beautiful Stained Glass

Clean off your desire glass, outline your pattern, and fill the lines in with vibrant paint mixed with Elmer’s Glue.

Create Your Own Crackle Paint

Mix regular Elmer's Glue with Behr exterior flat paint for a crackled finished product.

Blow bubbles with paint

Create fun art for your walls using a straw, with this clever bubble blowing technique.

Paint a mosaic colored wall

This baby room is so colorful and cool! And all it took was some tape and paint.

Make The Illusion Of Oxidized Copper

Recreate withered copper by mixing chocolate tart and a textured metallic layer.

Trace a hexagon tray into a honeycomb accent

We love how this doesn’t take over the entire wall but still grabs your eye.

Create a Barn Board Finish on Your Furnitre

You can transform just about any surface into barn board with this trick!

Level up with ombre

Slowly add white to each layer of paint to create this awesome ombre effect.

Use Metallic Paint To Put A Map On Your Desk

Trace cut out shapes of the continents, and fill in with Liquid Patina.

Create Unique Chalk Painted Furniture

Grab a large brush and some colorful paints for this one!