These 15 Backsplash Ideas Are Pinterest Fail Safe And Are Oh-So Pretty

Spicy up your kitchen counter with gorgeous backsplashes inspired by these ideas!

By Hometalk Highlights

Bring A Classic Touch In With Subway Tile

Place the first tile behind the faucet and work your way up, then cut tiles to size for the corners.

Apply Tile On A Tight Budget With Tape

Paint the base of the walls gray, then begin taping off the brick sections, and brushing on white glossy paint.

Get Backsplash Fancy With Arabesque Blue Tile

Patch up damaged sheet rock underneath and use an aluminum border piece as the base for the tiles.

Affordable And Pretty, Use Dollar Store Beads

Sort the beads by size and paint the backs of the glass beads the color you desire.

Peel And Stick For An Easy Decoration

Begin by cleaning down the wall surface and adhere the tile according to the instructions. (Laci Jane)

Create Je Nai Se Quoi With Stamps

Line up the tile together, brush on diluted chalk paint, and begin to stamp across the the tiles.

Press On Temporary Backsplash Just In Case

Remove the paper from the sticky back carefully and use a credit card to smooth out the air bubbles. (The Crazy Craft Lady

Play With Shapes Adhering Hexagonal Tiles

Press the adhesive tile back onto the surface and gently press the hexagonal mosaic grids on.

Wallpaper Sweet Images Onto Your Counter Wall

Cut down quality plywood to size, then cover the wood and wallpaper in glass.

Lay Down Brick For A Gorgeous Rustic Look

Spread the adhesive onto the surface of the wall, stick the bricks, and wip of the mortar.

Coat Herringbone Tile For A Sleek Appearance

Get the plumbing done for the pot filler and assemble the herringbone tile focal area in the center.

Get Fabulous Faux Tiles With Stencils

Start with a freshly painted wall and paint over the Portuguese tile inspired stencil.

Count Your Pennies Onto Your Backsplash

Cut and place up sticky wall mats, then stick on the pennies.

Patch Wooden Shims Into The Wall

Chop shims to 4” and build off of the first row.

Arrange Broken China On A Backsplash

Carefully place chains plates in a pattern you'd like, and adhere with Liquid Nails.