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Alicia W
Alicia W
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Spiral Garden

4 Materials
30 Minutes

Have you always wanted a garden but don't have a large space? A spiral garden is what you're looking for!
spiral garden
I purchased this metal edging at an estate sale a few months ago. I didn't know what I was going to do with it at the time but now I do.

Before you begin your garden, decide where you will put it. If it is in the shade, purchase plants that are shade-loving. If it will be in full sun, then purchase plants that can take the sun and heat.

I planted an herb garden which must be in the sun.
spiral garden
You will need something to house your garden. I found this galvinized tub at Walmart for only a few dollars.
spiral garden
Using a small screwdriver and hammer, punch holes in the bottom of your container (if there are no drainage holes already in the container).
spiral garden
Add recycled, plastic bottles, cups, garden pots to the bottom of your container. This will not only help with drainage but it will help to fill the container thereby not using so much potting soil and your container won't be as heavy.
spiral garden
Fill the container with potting soil to 1" below the edge of the container.
Add more potting soil to the middle, making a mound of soil.
spiral garden
You will need edging for your spiral. I used this metal edging but you could use anything that will keep the soil where you want it as you make your spiral.
spiral garden
Place the end of your edging against on of the sides of your container.
Make a circle going completely around the inside of your container, leaving a space of 5" from the side of the container to your edging.
spiral garden
Continue to wrap the edging making a loose spiral.
As you make the spiral, pack the soil against the side of the edging.
You may have to add additional soil.
spiral garden
Before you take your plants out of their pots, arrange them in your spiral design, fitting them as you go up the spiral.
I used herbs in my spiral garden.
spiral garden
Once you've established where your plants will go, it's time to plant.
Make sure the holes are deep enough for each plant, adding or removing soil as you go.
spiral garden
Here is the end result! I added marigolds and a dahlia at the top for added color and marigolds help keep pests away.

My garden is on my deck right outside our kitchen door so we can snip herbs anytime we want them.

My garden is in the sun most of the day. I did plant it in a metal container; however, the container will not burn the plants or get too hot to kill them. I also used a metal edging; however, it will not burn the plants. As you can see, the plants cover most of the edging. It may require more watering because the metal will warm the soil but it will not burn the plants.
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  • Robin Eserhaut Waltz
    on Jul 15, 2017

    Is the recycled plastic at the bottom of tub good for the plants? Less weight and space I get that. But will the plastic leach chemicals?

    • Nancy Blue Moon
      on Jul 21, 2018

      I do the same thing with the plastic pots from the greenhouse...why waste potting soil when the plants really don't need that much!

  • Vcess
    on Jul 20, 2017

    Where do you see this number (1, 2, 3...) on plastics? I've searched water and cola bottles, but can find no such designation.

    • Sandy
      on Jul 13, 2018

      If your city or county recycle usually they give you a recycling card to show wish numbers can be recycled and wish are garbage.

      Also just talking about recycling here in Charlotte County you don't recycle pizza boxes they're garbage material.

  • Harvey
    on Jan 5, 2018

    What is the object of the metal edging? Cannot the plants be planted in the same spots without the edging and thereby saving that cost even tho it may be small. I also wonder about the same thing when using square foot gardening. Also the same amount of strawberries can be planted on flat ground as can be on a strawberry tower only without using near as much earth or growing medium.

    • Cindy Cisneros
      on Jul 23, 2018

      Love your idea. The other ladies that were negative didn't understand. All they had to do is view the last picture twice. Then they will get it.

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  • Lisa Kyner Sullivan
    on Jul 20, 2018

    I use whatever I can find to put in the bottom of my pots when planting. Improves drainage, not as heavy if it’s a larger pot & uses less potting soil. My favorite is organic things I find outside. Sticks broken up, Brown paper sacks or black & white newspapers. If I buy plants in small pots, I use them too. Brown packing paper that comes in Amazon boxes too. Best to mix sticks, paper & plastic as the organic items decompose & the plastic stays. Paper alone gets very mushy, heavy & can actually mold.

  • Var33861869
    on Aug 14, 2018


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