My 125+ year old cottage has a basement problem.

My 125+ year old cottage has a basement problem. Water and 1-2 inches of mud have made the lower half into a hazard, and 40 years of my tools, Xmas decorations and other storage are molding in their boxes. I called 3 local "water restoration " companies and 2 refused to even come look at the mess. One came, we agreed on what needed to be done, and he promised to call the next day with an estimate. He did not call, nor did he return messages from me. HOW do I get help hauling things up a steep narrow stairway, through my living room and front parlor, out to the driveway where I can sort into Keep, Donate and Trash piles? Then I need someone to shovel up the mud and carry IT outside, THEN maybe a company will come vacuum up the water. The sump pump I had installed in a hole I had dug and concreted 38 years ago works OK, but it has to pump water up to an opening knocked through the brick at ground level outside (only works above 32 degrees). I have hired a lot of men over the years, and most do the job poorly or just take my money and leave a mess. I'm 62 now and poured all my "discretionary funds" into trying to restore this house. I've never taken a vacation, and now I have only a few thousand dollars and a pet sitting business I started in 2000 as a small income. How can I find someone to help do things I am no longer physically able to do?
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