How can i get a home improvement show to help me with my home?

Home improvement shows are usually filming in California or other coastal states. While i live in a coastal state (Mississippi), I'm way up at the top of the state, a stone's throw from Memphis, TN , in the friendly little town of Southaven, MS.
Some of these shows i watch actually require the Homeowner to pay all costs. Some other pay partial costs. Some pay ALL the cost of renovations. This latter classification is what I'm looking for. (Of course! )
I've been online and tried to find out who to talk to but with all these grandkids and their mother underfoot 24/7, i can't think straight!! I was forced into early retirement from the Memphis Fire Department due to Line of Duty Injuries and i don't make enough with my pension to hire the work out... And besides, i LOVE home improvement shows because they look like a boat-load of fun.
Well, there are too many things to fix up around here and I'm not getting any younger! P.S. Please don't ask me why my husband can't do the work, I've been divorced for way too many years to start THAT conversation up again. I'm just an old granny who still has enough life left in me to help with the light to moderate work and enough sass to make myself the comic relief. Thank you for your time and any advice, references, ideas, or experiences you can share with me! Gigi Q.

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