Any fresh ideas for the Manufactured Home-Skirting?

The bottom 4th along the ground of a manufactured home, is covered by "Skirting".
It's approximately 2.5ft tall & the length of the home is 80ft.
The skirting doesn't last 3yrs! It's very flimsy, thin plastic material​ that, slides into an upper Trac on the edge of the home & a lower Trac placed & secured on the ground.
My home is Lovely Except it's Hail Damaged with Holes, skirting!!
I would love Inexpensive DIY thoughts on what else I might use or Perhaps I leave it & cover it up?
To order & install new is $3,000 & I worry it will not hold up beyond a few years!
My 6A & home was Destroyed in 1 of Oklahoma's F5 twisters. This is my new replacement & I used a FEMA Grant to buy it. My goal is to change or conceal So, please give me some Creative DIY Tips🐒
As Y'all do on Hundreds of DIY Projects,
To my mailbox daily.
Warm Regards,
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