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Pour Dish Soap Solution on Stains—Watch Them Vanish

5 Minutes

STAINS! We all get them and I can venture to guess that we all hate them. Between having a toddler, a husband, a dog, and myself being an artsy person who doesn’t take the time to change clothes every time I want to work on a project, stains are a regular guest in my house. I’ve tried just about every mainstream, name brand stain remover, and while some of them worked (some of the time!), others were just a
pour dish soap solution on stains watch them vanish
For this formula, you’ll want to mix 2 PARTS HYDROGEN PEROXIDE with 1 PART DAWN SOAP and 1 PART BAKING SODA.

I made a tiny messy mistake when I did it because of the order I mixed everything. Make sure not to mix it like I do in the video below to avoid the baking soda sticking to the inside of the funnel when you you go to mix your wet ingredients. 

Stir your solution and shake the bottle to really get things mixed well. Then, spoon your gritty mixture onto the stain and rub it in well. When I say well, I mean really well! See how I use the tablecloth itself to rub in the solution? 

Lastly, just toss your stained item into the machine and wash it like normal. After mine came out, it was impossible to find the stain! Feel free to try and spot it yourself (bet you can’t see it!).

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2 questions
  • Rickie
    on Jun 22, 2017

    can you keep this and just use as needed or have to use when you make it

  • Margie
    on Jul 3, 2017

    Stains on the carpet. Don't know what they are. Been there for a long time. It's I door outdoor commercial carpet.
    • If the carpet is a dark color, I would use with caution because the peroxide could potentially lighten the color. Try in a small area first if you're worried about this happening.

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