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UGLY Utility Boxes No More!

4 Materials
4 Hours

The utility boxes on my house are located on the front, right side. Visible as you're walking or driving down the street. Just an UGLY sight. Since there wasn't a practical way to hide them, I decided to use them as a surface for art instead.
Before: UGLY!
Before: UGLY!
I sketched out a simple design. I like birds and knew that I wanted to make that the anchor for the design. I'm artistic, but felt I needed to use a stencil or trace the birds. I used what I had already. A pair of metal bird wall art and a metal dragonfly that I use on my front door. But other than that, I freehand painted as I went along.
Used these metal bird wall art as "stencils".
Used these metal bird wall art as "stencils".
I traced the birds and dragonfly onto the boxes.
Used this metal dragonfly as a filler stencil
Used this metal dragonfly as a filler stencil
I gathered all of my exterior acrylic paints. I used the colors that I have on hand. I blended, lightened and darkened to make the colors I have work for my project.
Notice they are the outdoor type of acrylics.
Notice they are the outdoor type of acrylics.
I started by painting the birds brown and the dragonflies purple'ish....solid. It took a couple coats of paint. I realized that leaves would be a nice filler. I'd originally thought of freehand painting branches. I cut out a simple leaf stencil out of a piece of scrap cardboard. (I don't have a picture of it, but easy) As the first coat of paint was drying, I randomly traced on the leaves. Then just started layering the colors. I prefer to work with one color at a time. A lot of dots. Big ones, then when they dried, I added smaller on top.
ugly utility boxes no more
I decided that I wanted more movement, so I added honey bees, then blue dotted swirls.
ugly utility boxes no more
Ta da! I can't make the boxes go away, but at least they look better. I might go back and add more color dots inside the leaves.
Note: It was a free project for me since I used what I have on hand. I worked on it on and off for about a week. Mainly because it would come up a storm.

Suggested materials:

  • Metal bird wall art  (A yard sale years ago.)
  • Dragonfly  (Ebay)
  • Outdoor type acrylic paints  (Michael's and Walmart 0)
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  • Denise
    on Apr 16, 2018

    Thank you for such a great idea!! I love what u did and with your permission...

    Can I mimic your drawings on mine please???

  • Little Homestead In Boise
    on May 25, 2018

    Great job! Have you considered painting the cables? Hubby works in electrical and it's safe and the cables belong to the homeowner. Just an idea...

    • Jewellmartin
      on Nov 29, 2018

      I just found out it’s legal in my city now to decorated anything attached to my house or fence. I can’t wait to decorate my outside boxes, and even more in the garage. Thanks for such a lovely example. Best wishes, ☺️

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  • Alexandria
    on Sep 16, 2018

    Great idea.  You've inspired me to do the same. If you still have a Meter Reader person come to check your meters she/he must really be impressed. They probably took a picture and went home and did it on their own meters. :)

  • Paulette Melanson
    on Nov 16, 2018

    Very nice!

    Now to clean up below the boxes, amend the soil and plant a nice bush or two. That will be super impressive!

    Remember to call “Dig Safe” first!

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