10 Unique Ways To Plant Your Herb Garden

No need to plant your beloved herbs in boring planters after these ideas!

By Hometalk Highlights

Cover Your Stairs In Herbs

Lean stair risers against the wall and hammer a nail through each raiser.

After You Finish Drinking, Hang The Cup

Plant the herbs inside tea cups and hand by the handle with Command Hooks.

Regrow Lettuce and Onions With A Chop

Cut lettuce 2 inch from the base and add put it in the jar with water.

Create A Sprawling Garden Of Herbs

Punch holes into a galvanized container and curl metal edging for the spiral pattern.

Plant Herbs In Your Favorite Baking Tin

Attach with Gorilla glue a plastic semi circle and fill with gravel for drainage. (Medina at Grillo Designs)

Muffin Tins Are Perfect For Cilantro

Fill baking cups with soil and plant your seeds, then mark down what it is.

Hook Mason Jars Filled With Greenery

Paint down your wood of choice and squeeze the jar hangers around the neck.

Transform Your Busted Ladder Into A Planter

Position the ladder in a 90 degree angle, and make planter boxes using scrap wood paneling.

Grow More Mint Than Before

Snip off a sprig of mint and place the cuttings into water, then allow to grow for 5 to 7 days.

Recycle Plastic Bottles Into Planters

Spray paint the outside of the bottles and label accordingly.