Patriotic Solar Lights

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Using some basic items, I made a patriotic word grouping using mason jars , stick on letters, paint and solar lights.
Gather your items Solar lights not shown
You will need as many mason jars or large jars as the the number of patriotic words you plan on using. In other words I planned on using 'Let Freedom Ring' so I used 3 jars.
Add your words
Place your letter stickers on your jars spelling out the patriotic saying you like.
With acrylic paints, paint your jars covering your words.

Pull off letters
Using tweezers, pull off your letters. If you remove the letters while somewhat wet with paint, the letters will be easier to remove.
In retrospect I would use only vinyl letters. I think they would be easiest to pull off. Mine were paper and came off in layers. Still removable though.
I'm planning on using this under a covered patio so I did not seal them. If they're to be exposed to the elements I would suggest using a few coats of poly.

Decorate using washi tape and or ribbon.

If if you wait until the paint has set for a couple days, your letters will be very hard to remove and may take off extra paint surrounding the letters. Oops!
Disassemble the solar light.
Disassemble the solar lights. You will only be using the top part. Keep the other parts for your next post !
Top each jar
Simply place each solar top on each jar. If you plan on keeping the jars indoors, you can simply place each top in the sunshine for a few hours.

The top top is sitting on the jar. This kind from Walmart extends over the jar top, keeping out rain if displayed outside.
Shining brightly
Enjoy your patriotic solar jars!

Suggested materials:

  • Mason jars   (Had them)
  • Solar lights - 3   (Walmart - $2.99 ea)
  • Stick on letters   (Michael's (not sure of price))
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