Ikea DIY Desk Hack

3 Hours

Linnmon and Lerberg Ikea desk hack

I got a new desk! I am just finishing off re-decorating my office/sewing room and I was badly in need of a new desk. I needed something that was going to be sturdy enough to sew off and something that would double up as an office desk too. I was looking at some second-hand desks and scrolling online but I couldn't find what I had in mind. I then had a look on the Ikea website for some ideas. I was also limited for space and was restricted in how big my desk could be. I stumbled across the Linnmon table top and loved that you can pick different legs to match.
I wanted something that would pick up the new colours in my room so I decided to give my table a mini make-over so it would match my room better.
I picked the Lerberg trestle legs to go with my Linnmon table top. The legs were an absolute steal at €6 each. I got the 120cm x 60 cm table top and that was €19. My table cost me €31. I then spent on Rust-oleum surface primer and Rust-oleum bright gold spray paint to transform the trestle legs.
As you can see from the pictures, the original table legs were a dark grey colour. To pick out the colours of my wallpaper I decided to spray them with the bright gold spray paint. You might remember my other blog post where I used the bright copper spray paint, You can read that here.

I removed the trestle legs from the packaging and set them up outside on a dust sheet. I always use spray paints outside in the garden. I sprayed each piece with the surface primer. I used the grey coloured surface primer. I allowed them to fully dry before I sprayed them in the bright gold colour. I used one coat of surface primer.
Once fully dry I then applied a coat of bright gold spray paint. Before assembling I allowed a few hours as I wanted the paint to be fully dry to avoid it chipping during assembly. Once I had fully assembled the trestle legs I went over the legs with the bright gold spray paint to cover the screws and gave it one final light coat of colour.

Then for the fun part! Setting it up in my new space.
We got the new wallpaper up and have the room painted ( thank you Mr Dainty ), so I was really excited to set up the table in front of the new wallpaper. I just love how the gold pops against the wallpaper. I have also set up my sewing machine too and can happily report that my table is perfect for crafting and cutting fabric off.
This Diy is something really simple and anyone can do. My best advice is to take your time and follow the instructions on the can. I got my spray paint in my local woodies but check your local hardware store and see what they have. It is the perfect afternoon up-cycle.
I am going to do an office tour on my Youtube soon so keep an eye on my page and my Instagram for an update.
I removed the trestle legs from the packaging and set them up outside on a dust sheet.
I sprayed each piece with the surface primer. I used the grey coloured surface primer.
I sprayed them in the bright gold colour. I used one coat of surface primer. 
Next, I assembled the legs.
Here they are, fully assembled.

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  • YLDesigns
    on Jul 15, 2017

    Beautiful wall paper - but where did you get your desk chair? Is it on wheels? Thanks!!!
    • Jewellmartin
      on Jul 16, 2017

      This is a completely beautiful work nook. The legs look so strange to me, but I'm sure their shape has been tested for strength and durability. I love the bright gold. It's so unexpected. When I saw the pink phone, I was reminded when Princess phones came out. At the same time, we could also buy pastel colored toilet paper, so of course we had to match the two. And we had long colored phone cords so we could take the phone to the bathtub. Over fifty years ago! Colored toilet paper is very rare, we don't use phone cords any more, but pastel table phones are having a comeback right now. On a table with golden legs! Best wishes 😇
  • Lilpixiestixxx
    on Jul 19, 2017

    Love the wallpaper I want !!!! do you know who sells it?

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  • Sandra Crosbie
    on Jul 16, 2017

    Oh Wow. That is a beautiful oasis of calm. I would just sit there enjoying the peace.
  • Olivia
    on Jul 7, 2019

    Hi, Awesome transformation. Where can l find the wallpaper, please? Thanks!

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