15 Uncanny Hacks For Making Pretty Garland Decor

Upgrade your garland making skills with these 15 unique tricks!

By Hometalk Highlights

Empty Out The Grounds, And Use K-Cups

Peel out the filler in the cup and poke garland of lights in through the cups.

Hang Up Your Tuna Cans

Slice down decorative scrap paper into strips and hot glue on twine.

Twist And Turn Mesh For Halloween

Draw a skeletal face on wood with a sharpie and wrap tinsel around the mesh.

Cut Up Your Book Into A Garland Chandelier

Use a craft punch cutter to make hundreds of circles with your book pages and string up.

Fold Napkins Into A Banner

Measure out string’s length then hot glue the napkins together over the string.

Tie A Pretty Burlap Bow

Fold the rectangle in half for the burlap and sew down the sides.

Snip Tablecloths Into Tassels

Cut into both sides of the unfolded plastic tablecloths and twist till it rolls together.

Fill Flowers In A Bottle Garland

Line three bottles up, and wrap twisted wire around each respectively.

Dip Feathers In Gilded Gold

Hot glue the bottom of the feathers onto the string and spray paint the tip of the feathers.

Wrap Yarn Around Forks For Pom Poms

Thread a string of yarn through the slits of the fork and remove the fork when you achieve the perfect fullness.

Crochet Colorful Ice Cream Cones

Crochet a triangle for the bottom, then a round for the ice cream, and thread a needle through for the string to hang.

Pinch And Fold Paper Into A Boat

Fold the edges into each other several times and fasten the thread with a knot.

Knot Jute And Use Wood Beads

Wrap twine around you fingers several times, knot off, and slip wooden 20mm beads through.

Craft Leather Hearts Into A Garland

Snip strips of lace fabric for each strip of leather, then use pliers to pinch in the curve of the heart.

Brush Watercolor Paint Over Pages

Cut out a heart shape from book pages, then brush on the edges with watercolor paint.