Dixie Dirt Tips and Tricks!

Dixie Dirt is a fun product to give the appearance of old or antiqued textures. Easy to use and makes your pieces look great!
Time: 1 MinutesCost: $10Difficulty: Easy
  • dixie dirt tips and tricks
Dixie Dirt comes in three neutral earth toned colors.
  • dixie dirt tips and tricks
Donna Bavaro-Kennell used Drop Cloth, Gator Hide and Dixie Belle Dirt and Sea Spray to achieve this weathered look.
  • dixie dirt tips and tricks
Straight from the fields of Dixie, add that authentic dirty, grimy layer with Dixie Dirt.
Here are a few video tutorials showing how to use Dixie Dirt!
It is easy to get that vintage, antique, old look on a freshly painted piece with Dixie Belle Paint!
Give Dixie Belle Paint a try! Check out our website :)

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