15 Useful Tips For Covering Up Every Eyesore In Your Home

Time to hide those terrible home blemish with these amazing hacks!

By Hometalk Highlights

Hide Ugly Cabinets With Fabric

Use a drill to remove cabinet doors, measure out fabric, and staple down fabric.

Cover Chipped Tile With Toothpicks

Mix up porcelain glaze thoroughly, then dip toothpick into your paint and fill in the chips.

Erase Ceiling Cracks With Mesh

Lay mesh tape over the crack, spread on joint compound, and even out.

Keep Routers Out Of Your Sight

Take a book, remove the pages, and tuck in the router.

Press On A New Plate For Hideous Outlets

Purchase an outlet cover that goes over the outdated one, and snap in.

Use Tweezers To Eliminate Horrific Blinds

Use a flathead screwdriver to pop off the plastic tabs and pull out the knots of the blinds with tweezers.

Do Away With Blah Ceiling Lights

Remove all the chains and links from a hanging planter, wrap in yarn, and put over light.

Throw Your Printer In A Decorative Box

Cut open a slit in the front of the box, a large section in the back, and put your printer inside.

Put That Yucky Litter Box In A Cabinet

Make a square with a sharpie marker into the side of cabinet, then spread vaseline on the surface for a rustic look.

Place An Aluminum Channel Over Wires

Frame the open panel of wires, and drill in two to three panels.

Hide Your Propane Tank With Cameo

Purchase cameo netting, bunch in drapes, and use strings to secure.

Build A Laundry Table Over A Gap

Use a ruler to measure out the space and a Ryobi circular saw to cut up the wood.

Camouflage The Dead Space Of A Soffit

Have a ⅝” MDF board cut to size, secure in place, and paint over it.

Mask Pesky Support Boards

Pre-prime wood boards cut to size and use a brad nailer to attach.

Make Clip Ring-Tops Invisible

Weave grosgrain ribbon through the fabric of the curtains and sew the ribbon down.