Making Peanut Butter Bird Treats for My Feathered Friends

30 Minutes

I promised my 5 year old niece that I would devote this weekend to making birdie treats, she knows that watching birds is one of her aunties favorite pastimes so she suggested that I use my day off to make these treats with her. So I searched the net for peanut butter birdseed treats and came across this one. The process only takes 30 minutes or less to complete.
1 cup of lard or rendered suet
1 cup of peanut butter smooth or chunky
3 cups of stone ground cornmeal ( Note: birds don't have salivary glands so adding the cornmeal is important.
1/2 cup of white flour.
You will need: Birdseed, Peanut butter smooth or chunky, stone ground cornmeal, flour, lard, large spoons, string or wire and microwavable. bowl.
Step: 1.. To your microwaveable safe bowl add 1 cup of peanut butter, we are using chunky. You don't need a high end brand any will do.
Step: 2... Add 1 cup of lard any brand...Crisco, Armor, etc.. to your peanut butter, Melt these ingredients just until they are smooth.. Not boiling hot!
Step: 3.. Add 3 cups of stone ground cornmeal and the 1/2 cup of flour. Rats! I forgot to add the flour!
Step; 4 ..We added a cup of millet..You may use what ever you like, berries, raisins, fruits etc..
Step: 5..The recipe called for 1 cup of birdseed... We used 2.
This is the consistency we have without the flour.
We sprayed plastic cups with cooking spray and filled them... After they set a second or 2, we made little holes in them and placed them on a cookie sheet and let them freeze for approximately an hour.
We placed florist wire through the holes, I tried string at first but the holes didn't line up.. Next time I'll try making the holes with straws.
bend the end over like a paper clip to keep it from sliding through the hole.
We placed them on the balcony, here's one on a bamboo stick.
A few on the Xmas tree I saved for the birds.
Stay tuned for updates, I'll be watching for the birds tomorrow.... Hee..he.

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  • Vetsy
    on Jan 7, 2015

    I'm curious as to why you said that birds do not eat animal fat ? ( Lard ).. During my search for homemade suet, I came across several recipes on the net and almost all of them included lard. Do you just feel that the non-animal fat is healthier? Whichever the case , I'm willing to try your recipe and others as well.... I just want to help out my little birdie friends during the winter months..

  • Yvette Spicer
    on Jul 18, 2016

    I take a pine cone, spread p-butter into the cone, sprinkle on bird seed. press it in a little further, tie a string around the bottom of the pine cone and hang it in a tree ... open for business ... LOL

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