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MaryAnn Gieraltowski
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Asked on Jun 23, 2017

Help - I need ideas!

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It's a canoe bbq. We have a cottage on the lake, my original thought was to fill it with flowers, which I may still do - but I wanted to do something cute without being too yard chachkie . I thought about making one of those terra cotta people paddling the canoe that's planted with flowers - but I think that's toooooo yard chachkie. Help!
q help i need ideas
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  • How about growing herbs? Or adding an odd number of shepherd's hooks and add yard art or bird feeders? Geraniums would look cool spilling out . . .

  • Sunny C
    on Jun 23, 2017

    Hello Mary Ann; I too have a Cottage located on a Lake, so I truly do understand how you do not want any project to look too chachkie.....
    I personally Love your Canoe BBQ!!! I have not ever seen one.
    There are so many things which you could do with the Canoe!!! You could take the legs off of it, and attach it to your home, by drilling it next to a window.
    This would be the perfect spot for some beautiful flowers and herbs. If you have any old life preservers, I would attach one, for fun!!! or I would hang a buoy.
    Also, you could leave the legs on the Canoe, and could use it in the centerpiece of a garden.
    I would be very tempted to use this Canoe as a hot spot to gather around at night and roast marshmallows in it!!!
    I hope that I have inspired you, to try something different!
    Good Luck & Take Care!!!

  • Tammy Akers Allemand
    on Jun 23, 2017

    You could put a mattress and pillows in it and make a bed out of it.

  • Janet Pizaro
    on Jun 23, 2017

    I would consider making it the focal point in your yard with chair around and use to make scores or toast marshmallows.Hang lights outside for a festive look.

  • Lisa
    on Jun 23, 2017

    That canoe bbq is so cute. I think you’re on the right track with flowers or herbs. You can also put ice in it to serve beverages for a bbq. I love it!

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